4x6 prints     $.24 ea.-------7 Seconds per/print
5x7 prints     $.52 ea.-------11 Seconds per/print

If you are looking to offer easy and convenient instant digital photo processing to your customers, Mitsubishi’s DPS Kiosk 7000 is the ideal solution. Plus, Mitsubishi’s DPS Kiosk 7000 will provide you with immediate profit potential.With a large, user-friendly touchscreen menu, your customers will be able to use the DPS Kiosk 7000 with ease. Exceptionally compact, the system can be accessed on a countertop or mounted on an optional pedestal base. The DPS Kiosk 7000 also incorporates a wide range of versatile performance features including multiple printer hookups, Bluetooth® wireless technology compatibility, several print size options, index printing, and can accept prepaid photo cards.

Key Features
Stand-alone, self-service instant digital photo processing system
User-friendly touchscreen operation
Accepts most of today’s latest digital media
Incorporates photo editing and enhancement features
Customer prepayment cards available
Internet web photo album (optional service)
Long-lasting reliability and quality
Immediate return on investment
Connect up to three different Mitsubishi printers for greater capacity

Advanced, Fully Featured Photofinishing Systems

Digital Developing Fast And Easy
All your customers will be able to use the DPSClick 5000 and DPS Kiosk 7000 with ease. Simple step-by-step instructions on the large, user-friendly touchscreen are all that is required for your customers to create beautiful images. Superior performance and exceptional reliability also eliminates time-consuming maintenance and lines of frustrated customers.

Image Editing And Enhancement
With either system, customers can make high quality, professional quality prints in a matter of seconds. The DPS Click 5000 and DPS Kiosk 7000 enables users to successfully utilize awide range of editing and enhancement options. Need to crop a picture? Enlarge a bit? Lighten? Rotate? Eliminate red eye? No problem. It’sall about performance versatility, and the DPS Click 5000 and DPS Kiosk 7000 excel in all categories.

Aperion Greeting & Frame Software
Through a special partnership with Aperion, your customers can blend their photos with greeting card art with delightful results! Choose from several popular, traditional templates or fun, contemporary designs. A special selection of greetings are included with the DPS Click 5000 and DPS Kiosk 7000 and include horizontal and vertical formats.

Dynamic Digital Printer Options
Complementing the powerful features of the DPS Click 5000 and DPS Kiosk 7000
are Mitsubishi’sCP-9550DW-U and CP-3020DAU digital color photo printers with
astonishing resolution, clarity and color accuracy. You simply won’t believe the
dazzling output that Mitsubishi printers can produce. Plus each Mitsubishi printer
provides the utmost in quality and long-lasting reliability. The result is minimum
maintenance and maximum efficiency. For increased capacity, you can connect up
to eight different Mitsubishi printers to either system. Depending upon the models utilized, you can offer your customers a variety of output sizes including 3.5 x 5", 4x6", 5x7", 6x8", 6 x 9", 8 x 10", or 8 x 12". Plus, with optimzed thermal head management engine pulse control, and internal 16-bit processing, both printers deliver exceptionally accurate detailed reproduction.

Customer Prepayment Card
Prepayment cards ensure greater customer independence and loyalty through return business.

Unique color imaging control system for superb image quality print after print.
A unique color reproduction system developed specifically for the CP-9550DW delivers consistent
print quality,regardless of ink sheet,for superb quality every shot.
A revolutionary new system,the ink sheet rolls feature built-in Color Imaging Chips that contain specific data about the media.The printer uses this information to accurately control color characteristics.
The CP-9550DW features an all-new 346 dpi thermal head for longer service life and improved
print quality.

New Advancements For Even Greater Printer Performance
With optimized adaptive thermal head management engine pulse control,a key technology for dye sublimation printers,and internal 16-bit processing, the CP-9550DW delivers exceptionally accurate and detailed reproduction.Super-fast printing (15 seconds for 3.5 x 5" size) is yet another breakthough.
Dual line heads improve head resolution and results in superb images with even greater detail and texture

Exceptionally Fast,High Volume Printing.
A new feed mechanism combined with a simplified paper path delivers photographic prints at an exceptional speed.
Equipped with two 32MB memory frames.Images can be stored in memory while printing.

Easy-to-use,convenient front access.
The easy-access front panel simplifies paper loading and maintenance and includes a paper catch tray with a maximum recommended capacity of 20 prints.
The color image control system monitors the number of prints remaining.
High-speed USB 2.0 interface.

June 2010