Leica M Digital Lens
The Leice M lenses will be equipped with a new code on the bayonet ring in future to enable the planned digital Leica M camera to recognize the lens type. All lenses leaving the factory from July 1st, 2006 onwards can still be fully used with the current analog cameras as well as classic models built after 1954. Lenses in the current range as well as many earlier models can be retrofitted at the cost of the owner to benefit from the image optimization in the camera. The lenses are compatible with the planned digital M camera even without retrofitting, except that the additional features cannot be used.
Read in over than 80 pages about sufficient information on the actual Leica M and -R lenses. The Leica philosophy on the optical design, the manufacturing of the lenses and their construction as well as the universal use are other subjects in this book.

June 2006