Manfrotto announces new Snake Arm support

Maximum adjustability and payload, minimum weight!

Manfrotto continues to widen the family of arms with the new Snake Arm. Snake Arm is a compact, versatile, sturdy and extremely flexible solution that provides an alternative support for lights, cameras and accessories. It perfectly fits the needs of BI videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up to their hardware. Snake Arm is made of 4 curved tube sections that are completely free to move in any angle and it can be mounted at one end using two spigots with 3/8 threadings and 5/8 attachments, while at the other is a 5/8 attachment. It is compatible with all top selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range (eg. 035, 026 and babylight stands). Also available is the Snake Kit edition which includes the 035 Super Clamp.

• 4 independent curved tube sections for enhanced flexibility
• 2 spigots on one end (3/8 male and 5/8 male)
• 1 spigot on the other end: 16mm male - 5/8
• Frictionable locking system

• Flexibility in positioning and friction control
• Simplicity
• Sturdiness
• Lightweight

January 2012