Detail of the update
This Firmware (Ver.2.12) update incorporates the following issues:

1)Adds PC control function (needed to update Hyper-Utility Software HS-V2 Ver.3.1)

2)Updates AUTO ROTATE function

3)Updates the function for AF-S Nikon and AF-VR Nikon lens.
(Can be functioned even power switch is on when the lens is attached)

4)Updates the compatibility for high capacity of storage media

1)If firmware upgrading fails, the camera may no longer operate correctly in some cases. Carefully read the notes provided here.

2)Always use the AC adapter when upgrading the firmware. Never turn the camera off or attempt to use any of the camera controls while the firmware is being overwritten.

3)Firmware upgrading takes approximately 2 minutes.

4)Once the firmware has been upgraded, the previous current cannot be restored.

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March 2005Technical documentation