Nikon Wireless Flash Workshop - February 9th, 2012

Thursday, February 9th 7:00pm to 9:15pm, held at the pictureline Salt Lake City store.

Are you an "Available Light Shooter"?  For most of us, being an Available Light Shooter means that we aren’t comfortable with our flashes.  It is understandable.  Flash photography, especially good flash photography has always seemed mysterious and difficult.  Until now.

Pictureline is pleased to announce that Nikon’s National Training Specialist, Paul Van Allen is making a return to Salt Lake City.  And he is bringing his Wireless Lighting Workshop with him!  If you are ready to make your own lighting, you need to join us for this fun and informative Hands-On Workshop.

You will be guided step-by-step through the settings on your camera menus so that you can feel comfortable with the Nikon wireless flash system.  This workshop will also cover some of the most requested topics concerning the Nikon Wireless Creative Lighting System (CLS).  High-speed flash sync, multiple wireless off-camera flash, light modifier and advanced camera set-up are just some of the topics covered during the presentation portion of the workshop.

The best way to learn is to do. So, while the information is still fresh in your head, you will have an opportunity to practice what you have just learned.

Yes.  You are going to actually make pictures with your camera!

You will make pictures at several different flash stations. Each station will allow you to make an image that directly relates to one of the topics covered during the presentation.  Flash stations will be set up complete with flashes, modifiers and subject.

Due to the nature of this "hands-on" workshop, there are certain requirements for participation.  While the workshop is for those who are getting started with wireless off-camera flash, this is NOT a beginning photography workshop.  Participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of to use their camera in Manual exposure mode.  Experience working with the menus systems of their Nikon D-SLR is strongly recommended.  Participants are recommended to be comfortable with the concepts of metering, exposure, exposure compensation, shutter speeds, aperture and focusing before attending this workshop.

Each participant must provide his or her own Nikon wireless flash compatible camera. There are two options for compatible cameras:

Option #1:  Participants will need a Nikon CLS compatible built-in flash camera –
D80 / D90 / D7000 / D200 / D300 / D300s / D700


Option#2: Participants will need a CLS compatible camera –
D40 / D40x / D50 / D60 / D70 / D70s / D3000 / D5000 / D3100 /D5100 / D2x / D2xs / D2h / D2hs / D3 / D3s / D3x

PLUS any one of these items – SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 or SU-800

A lens that can focus closer than about 7 feet is required.  Additionally, we recommend the participants use a lens with a focal length of at least 85mm and no longer then 150mm.  If lenses with shorter or longer focal lengths than the recommendation are used, the results from the Flash Stations may vary from desired results.  The ideal lens for the workshop is the 85mm ƒ3.5 Micro on a DX body and the 105mm ƒ/2.8 Micro on an FX body.

Optional, but recommended, for Option #1 participants: Nikon SG-3IR.

Please don’t forget your fully charged battery and a memory card.

Speaker: Paul Van Allen

Having settled for a camera on his 16th birthday (a car was, of course, the first choice) Paul knew pretty quickly that he had found something special in that little black box. Being the son of a photographer and the grandson of a professional photographer, it didn’t surprise the family when at 18, Paul landed his first full-time paying job as a shutter jockey at a small sports magazine. The years that followed brought new photo jobs and new learning experiences. Paul joined the Nikon family in 1994. Currently the Nikon National Training Specialist, his duties include helping consumers make better pictures with their Nikon cameras and keeping the major retail sales staffs around the country up to date on the most current Nikon equipment and technologies.


305 West 700 South, Salt Lake City

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