The Art of Travel Transcendence with Levi Wells

Levi Wells is a director/editor/photographer based out of Denver, CO. In 2012, Levi took a seven-month trip through ten countries as the onboard videographer for Semester at Sea. As you can imagine, Levi experienced a wealth of ups and downs throughout his trip, all of which he documented in his beautiful video, "The Art of Travel Transcendence." Levi was kind enough to share his work with us and tell us a little about the trip. The video is guaranteed to strike a wicked case of wanderlust to all who watch, so sit back and enjoy.

How long have you been shooting video? And what got you into the field in the first place?
I shot my fist video when I was 11. Its was a magic show, and I used simple camera tricks.

I think I got into it because I thoughtt it would make me cool. The reasons I stick with it are always evolving. Video is a way to give gifts, meet people, travel, make money, tell stories, gain access, impress girls. It makes me feel unique, and I think everyone wants something that makes them feel special from time to time.

Give us a little background on how you ended up on this trip.
Filming for Semester at Sea was something I had on my mind over the past 3 years. All I had to do to get the job was send an email saying "Hey, give me a job - take a look at my site. It's" Botta boom botta bing. 8 months later I was on board.

What was great about the trip? And what obstacles did you face?
The food was great. ;)

There where so meny obstacles! Super tight deadlines, sleep deprivation, sea sickness, being lost all the time, dealing with people with xenofobia, getting ripped off, getting robbed. I fell in love with an Italian girl and then moved after 5 weeks. Heartbreak. ALL my camera gear was robbed in Barcelona, I spent all my money, I would get very close with people and then have to say goodbye—the list goes on and on.

What was the most inspiring part about making this video?
I fell in love - love always inspires me more then anything.

What gear did you use?
Canon T2i, Nikon d40, 16-35mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/4, 15mm f/2.8.

KEEP UP WITH LEVI: Website | Vimeo

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