Upcoming Multimedia and Filmmaking Workshops - 2012

 No one is denying that multimedia and filmmaking have become staples for visual storytellers.  Many still photographers have moved into a realm of shooting motion for clients as well as for their personal projects.  The workshops listed below range from a few days in length to a few weeks.  Most are for beginners and intermediate in multimedia, but you should also note that some are for advanced filmmakers and producers.  


Boulder, Colorado. While there have been many workshops teaching multimedia and dSLR filmmaking, ours is very different. The program includes not only hands-on practical elements to get you up to speed on the state of the art, but also a look at the future of story telling and communication in this visual age. Presenters will share how multimedia fits into the future from the perspective of the hottest new media ad agency in North America (Crispin Porter+ Bogusky) to how traditional news media are transitioning (National Geographic in multimedia) to the goals of a new division of a highly respected picture agency (Novus Select) to tips from documentary filmmakers. This is not just training for today, but a vision of the future." ($1100) Website


Rockport, Maine. This is a beginner-intermediate type course taught by Sally Levi.  "This hands-on workshop is for new filmmakers, film students, graduates and those who have yet to make their first film or work professionally in film and video. This four-week course teaches students how to make their own films using professional tools and processes. Students learn cinematic language, storytelling, screenwriting, storyboarding, casting, and directing actors in dramatic scenes. Participants research, write, produce, and edit a number of projects including documentaries, music videos, and tv commercials over the four weeks. The emphasis is on narrative, film-style production, with students using 16mm film cameras from Arriflex and HD video cameras from Canon. Students also learn the entire post-production process, including an introduction to Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear editing software, sound track design and titling. There are lectures, critiques, screenings and discussions of technical, procedural, aesthetic and ethical issues. Afternoons and evenings are comprised of demonstrations, exercises and projects in the field and studio. Students may pursue personal projects and specific career paths, gaining experience in production." ($2995) Website


Santa Fe, New Mexico.  "Our first stories were spoken. Soon we learned to write and then to create visual stories by making photographs. Now technology has closed the circle, allowing us to easily add the power of sound and motion to bring forward powerful narratives in multimedia. Using a still camera (with or without video capabilities) and an audio recorder, we can easily produce and share the stories we once only imagined. In this advanced workshop, everyone produces a short (2 minutes max) multimedia story that is reported, captured, and edited in Santa Fe. We walk through each step of the process together. The first part of the week, we spend mornings in class going over the topics of story, audio, interviewing, and shooting for multimedia; during those afternoons and evenings, you capture your story. By Wednesday you wrap up your field time and start digging into editing and post-production. You finish the piece with a hard deadline of 2 p.m. on Friday, July 6, 2012. The first and most important thing you bring to the class is a story idea (a character, really) that you can photo/film/record the first part of the week. It’s ideal to find a person/story that's near The Workshops so you don't spend hours in driving—better to spend hours hanging with your character and telling the tale." ($1195) Website

2012 ADVENTURE FILMMAKER'S WORKSHOP (October 29 - Nov 3, 2012)

Banff, Canada. "The Adventure Filmmakers’ Workshop is an exceptional chance for independent and emerging filmmakers to turn their project into reality, under the guidance of two of the world’s premiere adventure filmmakers. During a jam-packed eight days this fall, you’ll build relationships, network with fellow artists, and mingle with industry insiders and decision-makers, all within the core of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. You’ll also have full access to Festival events — motivation galore! The workshop is designed for filmmakers, directors, and producers. To get the most from the workshop, an applicant should have enough experience in film production to have thought about and recognize the need for distribution and financing." ($640 - $1600) Website


New York, New York.  "The MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop in New York City is an intensive, hands-on, collaborative experience in advanced multimedia storytelling. This is not an introductory workshop. Participants will be working at a fast-paced professional level, moving from story concept to a completed multimedia story in a week. The primary goal of the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop is to create an intimate, character-driven documentary that is ready for publication. Participants will work directly with two MediaStorm producers, in the field and in the editing suite, as part of a crew dedicated to telling a story. Participants will create their stories under the direction of MediaStorm producers in a collaborative, educational and hands-on environment." ($3500) Website


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