The 2018 Hasselblad Masters

Every year, medium format camera maker Hasselblad names a group of "Hasselblad Masters", who they then assign to create images according to their particular expertise using Hasselblad medium format cameras.

The Masters are named in categories of photography such as "Landscape", "Product", "Beauty and Fashion" and more. They are decided on by a panel comprised of former Master winners, photographers and journalists.

Once the new Masters have completed the challenge assigned to them, the finished work is compiled in a yearly book that Hasselblad releases. This year is the 6th volume of the book, and the theme was "Innovate".

You can read more about the Hasselblad Masters here, then you can rent a Hasselblad Medium Format camera from pictureline to begin your own journey to becoming a Master here.

October 2018

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