Digitalfest 2015 was a Soaring Success!


We had an immense range of talent under one roof last weekend for Digitalfest 2015! Each speaker, and many participants honed their skills and photographic knowledge to create a spectacular event.

DigitalFestDay1 (9 of 26)With DJI's timely release of new intelligent flight modes, our free Learn-to-Fly course gained a lot of traction this year. Each new pilot was able to experience a hands-on training of the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 drones. Follow me, Point of Interest, Course lock, and other user-friendly flight modes were demonstrated so new users could understand just how simple it can be to capture perfected 4K aerial footage.

VWILL2Victoria Will's Keynote presentation at the Utah Museum of Fine Art was nothing short of inspiring. We explored her career from intern at the New York Post tabloid all the way to photoshoots with United States President, Bill Clinton, and celebrities like Brad Pitt and Katy Perry. After her seminar, Victoria stayed for over an hour to discuss photography and lighting techniques with an intimate group of participants as their questions and enthusiasm lingered on.

Here's a look back on the fun from our hands-on lighting workshops, vendor show, free DJI pilot course, and other seminars:

OCF (3 of 3)DigitalFestDay2 (1 of 39)DigitalFestDay2 (32 of 39)DigitalFestDay2 (39 of 39)OCF (1 of 3) DigitalFestDay1 (21 of 26) DigitalFestDay2 (21 of 39)DigitalFestDay1 (9 of 26)DigitalFestDay2 (37 of 39)

DigitalFestDay2 (25 of 39)DigitalFestDay2 (3 of 39) DigitalFestDay1 (25 of 26) DigitalFestDay1 (19 of 26)

DigitalFestDay1 (7 of 26)

September 2015

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