An Art Filled Weekend at UMFA

UMFAEnjoy a weekend of finesse by accompanying pictureline at the Utah Museum of Fine Art this Friday, September 25th, to gather new perspective from our Digitalfest Keynote speaker, and creative lifestyle photographer, Victoria Will. While Victoria guides you to a remodeled career in photography, light sculpting, and grand-scale networking; take advantage of the other brilliant artists highlighted at UMFA this weekend. UMFA is currently exhibiting the works of contemporary artists Tony Feher and beginning this week, Brian Bress.

Digitalfest's Keynote Speakervw, Victoria Will, will present at 7pm at UMFA, following our classes and vendor show at pictureline. She will be in our store during the vendor show to sample her experience with professional Profoto studio lighting, offer networking advice to aspiring photographers in pertinence to gaining large-scale clients, and even offer a critique course from 2pm-3pm. Victoria's critique course will be an intimate gathering of 10 registered guests. Once your seat is reserved, submit a portfolio of 5 photographs to During the course, Victoria will implement her creative style and visual techniques to describe how she might perfect your images. These critique courses, offered by Victoria Will and Tony Corbell, are the professional feedback opportunities most photographers never have the chance to receive during their career.

American sculptor Tony Feher has been a visual influence for the past three decades. With a hyper-awareness of the formal qualities of everyday objects, Feher turns unconsidered, often-discarded materials into poetic sculptures and elegant installations. For this exhibition, the UMFA has invited Feher to help us re-imagine the architecture of its Great Hall with a brand new site-specific installation.bb2

A still from Bress' video installation "Organizing the Physical Evidence"

Brian Bress was invited to UMFA to share his carefully imagined collection Make Your Own Friends in their 12th installment of the Salt series. The Los Angeles-based artist is known for his fictional anthropomorphic characters, which he brings to life out of thrift-store finds and upholstery foam with casual doodles, cartoon animation, paint, and video cameras.

We look forward to supporting our local photography community with exemplary education during Digitalfest this year. The value of each class you register for will be refunded to you in store credit, so you may invest in your career or hobby in photography. Free lunch, and DJI drone flying courses will be offered on the pictureline patio each day of Digitalfest during the vendor show. See you there!

September 2015

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