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The Moab Symposium ( is one of the West's premier photographic events.  Over 100 photographers gather each year to hear feature presentations, attend field and technical workshops, and share the warmth of each others' company all in the beauty of the Moab area next to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  The keynote speaker for the 2012 symposium is Elizabeth Carmel.  Laurie Rubin, the Educational Program Director for Nik Software is conducting workshops on Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2. This is a great opportunity to receive training from Nik's own expert!  Epson, courtesy of Pictureline, will be giving away an Epson R3000 printer.  Please view the website for the full menu of Presentations and Workshops. For the Pictureline attendees only: registration will be waived if you want to ONLY ATTEND WORKSHOPS.  Visit the website and register for your workshops of choice.  Write "Pictureline" in the paypal line for comments. Here are a few of the speakers:

ELIZABETH CARMEL - 2012 KEYNOTE SPEAKER (Thursday, May 3rd, 2012, 7 pm)

The Moab Symposium has invited Elizabeth Carmel to present the keynote address at this year's Moab Symposium on Thursday, May 3th at 7:00 p.m. Elizabeth Carmel is a fast-rising star in the niche of fine art landscape photography. During her keynote address, she will share some of the secrets to her success in this competitive field. She will discuss her creative process and her philosophy of "sharing and protecting your local landscapes." Elizabeth will show and discuss many of her favorite images, talk about her "best seller" and share her perspectives on being a woman in the male-dominated field of landscape photography. Join her for an informative, inspiring, and entertaining presentation. Elizabeth is the co-owner with her husband of two successful fine art photography galleries, is a columnist for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and has received national and international recognition for her work. She has published two books of her fine art photography: Brilliant Waters and the The Changing Range of Light. She will have copies of her books available for purchase and signing after her address. Elizabeth Carmel Website

GUY TAL - PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE CREATIVE LIFE (Friday, May 4th, 2012, 9:30 am)

To some, photography is a profession.  To others, a hobby.  Photographer and author Guy Tal suggests that it can be much more than that.  Beyond just "taking pictures," the practice of photography has the ability to transform and enrich your life, facilitate meaningful and rewarding experiences, and foster contentment and satisfaction through a life of discovery and creative expression. Guy Tal's goal "as a person, and, by extension, as an artist, is to witness, participate in, and hopefully share the delicate beauty of wilderness --those moments in time when nature and spirit transcend the manufactured reality of politics, wars, fashions, and mass media, to inspire the raw emotion and primal awe that lies dormant in each of us." Guy Tal Website


Carolyn Guild will share her path to exhibiting photographs with attendees and what she has learned along the way.  She will teach you how to create a workable resume, how to choose which galleries to approach, and how to approach them.  She believes that persistence pays off.  She has gone from entering her first photographic competitions to being published in magazines to hanging solo exhibits in museums and galleries in a very short amount of time.  Carolyn Guild's approach to photographing the environment provides poetic glimpses into our natural world. Some are dramatic grand vista landscapes.  Some are extractions of the grand vista -- strangely beautiful and sometimes evocative abstractions.  Others present a more surrealistic view due to her use of long exposures, probing and exploring the unseen, where water becomes vaporous and dream-like, clouds show movement, and stars leave trails in the sky.  Her photographs reflect her ability to connect with nature, and bring that vision home for others to reflect on. Carolyn Guild Website 


Tom Till has been teaching a lot of workshops lately, and he has learned  quite a bit about the problems of aspiring photographers.  This presentation gives twenty concrete and easily implementable strategies for improving your outdoor photography--ideas that will improve your success rate in the field, sharpen your composition, boost your confidence, and have you loving your images.   Tom Till is one of America's most published photographers. Over 250,000 of his images have appeared in print since 1977.  In 1998, Till opened the Tom Till Gallery in Moab, Utah.  Till's images depict landscape, nature, history, and travel subjects worldwide, including all fifty states and nearly sixty countries overseas.  He has been featured by National Geographic, The New York Times, Outside Magazine, Canon Copiers, Delta Airlines, The New Yorker Magazine, Life Magazine, Browntrout Calendars, Eastman Kodak, Reader's Digest, Rand McNally, MGM, Arizona Highways, Lonely Planet, and many, many more. Tom Till Website

Visit the Moab Symposium website for more information on speakers, workshops, and more.


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