Pictureline Events: Profoto B1 Demo Recap


What is the most important element in photography? Ask any photographer. Chances are you’ll get the same answer across the board.


So it comes as no surprise that we had a great turnout this week for our hands-on demos with one of the most anticipated photography lighting tools out there, the Profoto B1. The cordless off-camera flash features TTL to capture perfect exposure, a battery-powered, cordless setup to maximum mobility, and 220 full-power flashes at 500 watts per second to bring the power of studio lighting into a run-and-gun, portable TTL that makes great lighting easy.

Our Profoto B1 Air demos were held on Monday at Studio o2o and on Tuesday at the SLC Photo Collective. We had a great time at both events and a big thanks goes out to all those who came—especially Profoto rep, Michael Gray, Rich Legg of Studio o2o, and Dave Brewer of the SLC Photo Collective. If you weren’t able to make it out, we’ve got a whole in-store area dedicated to Profoto. We’ll have the B1’s in stock soon, so come on in and see what the B1 is all about!



Studio Session-019_color

Studio Session-061_color

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