What Sony Brings to the Table


Sony is on a mission to produce an innovative product line that caters to both professional and amateur photographers and is actively pursuing a vision in which expanded sensor sizes don’t have to fill your camera bags or break the bank. An evident gap in technology has appeared with the establishment of mirrorless cameras – they don’t compete with full frame mirrored counterparts. Sony is well on the path of filling these holes in mirrorless technology. The Sony Alpha series has brought to life the first full frame mirrorless cameras – A7s, A7r, and A7II. The best part is – they are one third of the weight and are a more reasonable hand-held size than other full frame cameras on the market.ILCE-7M2_wSEL2870_on_hand_jpg

We rejoiced with another sigh of relief when Sony announced that all of their mirrorless equipment speaks the same language. Both full frame and cropped sensor models wear the Sony E-mount, so lenses are entirely interchangeable. Sony recognizes that transitioning to their full frame bodies from your familiar setup is not an easy feat and has designed several adapter mounts to accommodate your existing lenses from any brand.The e-mount series now consists of around 35 lenses; Sony has committed to offering 65 lenses in the lineup by 2017.

Sony has presented some unique features along with their new camera developments that are revolutionizing the photography experience. Each of their Alpha line cameras is entirely customizable with at least 11 buttons on each full frame camera that are capable of being tailored to 43 functions, so capturing the moment never equates to scrolling through a menu again.Another remarkable feature of both cropped and full frame cameras in this lineup is Sony's perfected electronic viewfinder. Exposure compensation and histograms are now at your eye's view, and manual settings are taken into account so what you see is what you get.

As Sony drives their mirrorless campaign to compete with full frame competitors, they also hope to encourage amateur photographers and smartphone users to experience vast improvement in their images by offering affordable cropped sensor, interchangeable-lens bodies like the A6000. Another perk of Sony's customizable mirrorless line is the apps available for free download directly to your camera by registering it on playmemoriescameraapps.com. Available apps allow in-camera effects, time lapse programs, immediate HDR  composites, and more. Sony welcome's third-party programmers to design apps to share on this site as well.


July 2015

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