Faith in America Project by Scott Jarvie

Scott Jarvie is originally from San Diego, California but moved to Utah 11 years ago to attend BYU.  There, he studied language, and during that time traveled Europe, discovering his love for photography.  He has spent the last decade and tens of thousands of hours fervently honing his craft.  Scott is a full-time photographer, and although he loves all types of photographey (and has practically shot it all as well) earns a living primarily as a wedding photographer, while still getting plenty of opportunities to travel the world.

In 2013, Scott founded the project "Faith in America: Religious Buildings of the United States" in which he was inspired to set out to visit all 50 states in order to photograph the great religious buildings of the United States. With over 300+ individual contributions to fund the expedition through Kickstarter, travel and living expenses as well as the cost of the book were donated, the trip began in October of 2013.  Last month, publication was completed on book one of the project, "American Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." "Faith in America: Religious Buildings of the United States" will be released this year sometime.

141120_SJ00422-L Scott Jarvie visiting pictureline on his Book Tour

"It’s about uniting people of all faiths together.  They all have faith, they all believe in something and we can celebrate that.  I do this by focusing on the major symbols of faith; the religious buildings.  The buildings that bring all these communities together and were vital parts of American History."

The birth of this project began unexpectedly, when three years ago, Scott was on a cross-country road trip with the goal to visit all 50 states, but lacked a purpose for traveling the country.  Scott soon decided that photographing temples would give him a perfect focal point to start at.  Being a wedding, portrait and travel photographer, architecture photography is never a genre of photography he explored, but with much contemplation, felt it would be a worthwhile and uplifting endeavor that would improve his life as a photographer and as a person.

The final product is a beautifully visual experience of the LDS temples across the nation, with written excerpts of personal stories from people of the faith as well as detailed facts and interesting topics.  The book exemplifies the effort Scott committed to this project, and is sure to continue in the additional books planned for the Faith in America project.

Scott Jarvie © Nauvoo, Illinois Temple Scott Jarvie © Nauvoo, Illinois Temple

Ft Lauderdale Mirrored Scott Jarvie © Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Temple

Scott Jarvie © Kona, Hawaii Temple

Newport Beach Temple Wind Blown Scott Jarvie © Newport Beach, California Temple

Scott Jarvie © San Diego, California Temple

Scott Jarvie © Laie, Hawaii Temple

Scott Jarvie © Twin Falls, Idaho Temple

Scott Jarvie © Washington DC Temple

Salt Lake Temple Christmas Scott Jarvie © Salt Lake, Utah Temple

For more information on the Faith in America project and to purchase a copy, click here.


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