Thanksgiving Food Photography with Tiffany Anderson

It’s safe to assume that Thanksgiving is the most delicious holiday celebrated.  With the stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, cranberry sauce, fluffy dinner rolls and everyone’s favorite, the pumpkin pie.  Add a dollop of whipped cream, and you’re ready for a food-coma.

So what about those of you that, in the spirit of all the holiday delicious-ness, are inspired to photograph your food?  Now, before you pull out your iPhone to capture the delectable treats, here are some easy tips from Tiffany Anderson to capture the true yumminess of your mother’s home-made pie.


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.22.46 AM Tiffany Anderson • Utah Wedding and Food Photographer

"I have been a professional photographer for 6 years.  I started my career shooting weddings and have now transitioned into commercial and food photography.  I fell in love with food photography a few years ago.  I love to cook and would photograph my own dishes.  While shooting weddings, I loved focusing on the details (especially the food).  I transitioned into shooting food and table settings for friends, designers, bloggers, and restaurants.  I am passionate about food and photography and it is my goal to show that through my images.

I have a very simple approach to food photography.  Whether it’s at a restaurant rushing to get the food shot right after the chef has prepared the dish, or just shooting my own dishes at home, I aim to be consistent with my lighting and style.

I prefer to use natural light from a big window with a white reflector positioned on the opposite to serve as a fill light.  Working with difference lighting situations and compositions you will find what works for you. Be mindful of distractions in the background.  Keeping the setup simple and clean is what will really showcase the food."

Tiffany Anderson 001

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"Showing details of the food is what makes it shine.  I always make sure I get the food shot from a few different angles, especially showing how it would look to a person sitting down to eat it. I also love getting in close and showing the time and care that has gone into a dish."

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"There are so many great lenses to shoot with specifically for food photography, but a lens with a large aperture will allow you to isolate the food and make it look fantastic.  I prefer to shoot with a Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L on a Canon 5D Mark III.

Composition is an important aspect to food photography.  Moving things around and playing with different angles will help you to find the direction you prefer."

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"Taking photos of food around the holidays can be especially fun.  Try to tell a story with the images and show the work that has gone into it.  My favorite is documenting the day and the dishes that were eaten.  If there is a dish that is special to your family or something you just think is pretty, go ahead and shoot it.  It's the best way to remember what an amazing Holiday season you shared with your family." -Tiffany

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From everyone here at pictureline, we want to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.  Take this time to spend it with family, friends and loved ones, and show your gratitude and appreciation for one another!  Family is such an incredible gift to have in this world, and this time of year is an excellent remainder to appreciate all that we have!  Set aside a few moments to gather your clan together and take some photographs; those memories you create will be ones to cherish forever, and photography is the most incredible tool to capture it with!

Happy Holidays!

To learn more about Tiffany, please visit her | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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