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This week we are featuring the beautifully talented Kenzie Dawn. Kenzie is a wedding, couples, and lifestyle photographer with a keen eye for the details. Her style is effortless and clean and we are excited to tell you more about her photographic strategy to success.

What is your go-to gear setup for the majority of your shoots? 
The Canon 5D Mark iii and 50 mm 1.2. I really don’t like to take my 50 mm off unless I need a super wide shot. If that’s the case I’ll throw on my 35 mm.

What keeps your creativity flowing in your daily life? 
I would say that what gives me creative juice is making sure I set aside time to style and direct a shoot completely on my own every once in a while. I love getting to choose the location and the mood of the shoot. Maybe going a little out of the box with the poses and outfits. Also Fashion photography is always fun for me to experiment with. I feel like it pushes me to try something new.
What would be your biggest piece of advice to young photographers just getting started in their business? 
I would say just starting out, shoot as often as you can. Even if it’s just taking pics around your house, going on a walk around your neighborhood, even at a family BBQ. Bring your camera with you. Experience in my opinion is the making of a great artist.

What is your strategy when buying new photography gear? Do you go used, or save up and buy the best of the best? 
It really just depends for me. Half my gear is used and half of it is brand new. I would say to do your research and buy from a reliable source if you do decide to buy used gear.
What is a piece of equipment that you've had your eye on and would like to purchase next?
I am interested in the Canon 24mm 1.4!
Thanks Kenzie! Make sure to keep up with Kenzie by following her on Instagram here. See you next week!
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