Friday Featured Photographer - Megan Turley
This week is a special one for us, because we are lucky enough to be able to feature another one of pictureline's own talented photographers. We have so many amazing artists that come work for our company and each one helps our business grow, which, we like to think, in turn helps the community of photographers grow. This week we are featuring the lovely MEGAN TURLEY, we miss seeing her in the store everyday but are so thrilled for where she has taken her photography talents!
1. What was the first camera you ever owned and what have you now evolved into using for your professional work? 
I got an awesome Polaroid 600 when I was in junior high, and took pictures with my parents Canon camera in elementary school! Basically, I've always loved taking photos. I'm now currently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV, a Leica M6, and a Hasselblad 501cm.  I choose which camera to shoot depending on the job.
2. What is one thing you cannot live without? 
My phone and lip balm. It's a toss up.
3. If you could only photograph one subject for the rest of your life what would you choose?
This is easy. My family.
4. What are your top three favorite lenses?
It depends on what camera I'm shooting! If I'm shooting Canon, it's my 50mm 1.4 (would love the 1.2 some day), and the 35mm 1.4.  If I'm shooting a Leica, I'm currently obsessed with the Zeiss 21mm.
5. What bag do you use to carry all of your gear in?
ONA bags for life (I now have four, thank you pictureline for stocking them)!  I recently purchased the Camps Bay Backpack, and I can honestly say it's the closest I've ever gotten to "the perfect camera bag".
6. What is one of your favorite photos you have ever taken and why? 
Hard question! For me what's so wonderful about photography is each new session or adventure produces images that get me excited to keep shooting even more! I'm currently loving some images from a recent trip to Europe. It's photos like these that I'll cherish forever because after all, it's all about preserving the memories!
Be sure to keep up with Megan through her instagram, and if you'd like to see more of her work check out her website!
See you next week!
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