Friday Featured Photographers - The Hickenloopers

We are thrilled to tell you a bit more about this week's pictureline Featured Photographers because not only are they the ultimate power couple, but they are also some of the kindest and most down to earth people you'll meet! Which really is an essential skill to have as a photographer. So without further-ado we can't wait to tell you more about Scott and Shelby HICKENLOOPER! Their images are effortless and flawless and any couple, family, or individual would be lucky to have them as their photographers! See more of what we mean below!

Canon 5D Mark III with a small collection of Sigma and Canon lenses! Both of us LOVE shooting with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens."
I loved taking photographs because it forced me to slow down, pay more attention, and appreciate what was around me more.  Since then it had always been a hobby of mine, but I wouldn’t have considered myself a photographer until Shelby & I started our business together in 2014. So I have been a Hobbyist for 10 years, and a Professional Photographer for 3 years now."
Shelby: "I was always messing around with my mom’s camera growing up, I also took high school classes, and college courses. I’ve always been interested in photography but it wasn’t until after Scott and I got married did I ever consider a career in photography. We didn’t feel fulfilled, happy, or motivated staying in school with no clear end goal in sight. We took a risk and quit our jobs, moved in Scott’s parent’s basement, and pursued photography full-time! It has almost been 3 years since that point and we couldn’t be happier."
3. How did you and your wife meet? Was it photography that brought you together?
it was actually Facebook! We both graduated from the same high school but 4 years apart so we didn’t connect until 2012."
4. If you're traveling and can only fit three of your favorite photography items in your bag - what do you choose?
Usually a fun little polaroid or just my phone."
Mark III, my Sigma 35mm Art lens, and my iPhone."
5. What is a piece of advice you'd give to a photography team? How to balance multiple shooters, and get a wide variety of images?
We respect each others creativity and let each other share ideas or direct a shoot/pose/moment/etc. 
The thing that helps us get the widest variety of usable images is just having the same idea or vision before going into a shoot or wedding, and splitting up (not shooting side-by-side) while using different focal lengths."
Thank you to the Hickenloopers for their thoughtful answers and information! Make sure to keep up with them and their beautiful photography by following them!
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