Friday Featured Photographer - Braden Young

This week we had the pleasure of getting to know the very talented Braden Young (@littlebrades) a bit better! Braden takes beautiful wedding, engagement, and adventurous photos. We love the way he captures his couples and creates a beautiful, natural, candid look to all of his shoots. Every photographer has their own style that defines their business and Braden has done a fantastic job at finding his niche in this ever-expanding community of photographers! Keep reading to find out more about Braden.
1. What is your go-to camera setup, including body, lens and bag! 
2. Do you like to use any filters on your lenses? Such as UV or polarizers? 
I use a UV filter on all my sigma lenses!
3. You have such a beautiful style to your photos, what do you use to edit them so they all have a similar look? Lightroom, photoshop, presets? 
For about the last year I have been editing my photos pretty consistently in Lightroom using Ben Sasso's @heckyeahpresets & Phil Chester's @philchesterpresets. I do however, make my own adjustments to almost everything including split toning, temp, tone, contrast, and exposure to error on the side of a more natural but enhanced look and feel to my images.
4. What is a dream shoot that you would love to do, but haven’t had the chance to yet? 
I just checked one off my bucket list but I always wanted to shoot a wedding in the Middle East and I actually just shot my first wedding there in Jerusalem earlier this year in April and it was absolutely amazing! Other than that I still have a dream to shoot a wedding or elopement in Iceland because duhh... Iceland is amazing! I went earlier this year as well in March and it made me want to go back again so bad with clients to be able to capture someones story in such an awe inspiring place.
5. What is one thing most of your clients don’t know about you? 
Most of my clients know that I am very outdoorsy and love nature that is why so much of my work is done in nature rather than in industrial and architectural areas. But most of my clients don't know that I am an avid fly fisherman! I have been since I was a child and will be until the day I die!
6. What is a piece of advice you’d give to photographers just starting out in shooting weddings, and engagement photos?
Be yourself and shoot what you want to shoot! Social Media will try and make you conform to trends to get more likes on Instagram or on FaceBook but if you want to truly be happy with your work and love what you do then you have to do what you want and not pay attention to trends and how many likes you get on Instagram and FaceBook. Do you and clients will come and you will love what you do so much more!

Thank you to Braden for his helpful insight into his workflow! It is so inspiring to find out more about what goes on behind-the-scenes of a photo, because we all know that so much work has to go into a photo before we see the final product.

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Thanks for reading! See you next Friday.

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