Soul Focus: A Turning Point (Part Three)

I wanted to create some kind of healing photo-session for couples but I didn’t know if it would work. I went to a nationally known photographer and asked which photographers in the world were combining healing with photography so I could study with them. His answer? No one. He told me, "If you do this, you become the expert. This is your inspiration."

I had to try it. I found a couple that had been struggling with their marriage for some time. They both wanted their marriage to work, but they were having a hard time moving past their differences. They agreed to a photo session.

We went out on a bleak day in November. The weather seemed to mirror the state of their marriage. I talked with them before the photo session and they knew what the intent was. They knew I was trying to re-connect their hearts. They were curious to see how and IF a photo session could help. To be honest, so was I.


We headed for a state park. It was cold and drizzly. There was apprehension on all sides. I gave them some time to get comfortable while I set up and then the session began. I gave them assignments to do together: specific things to talk about and feelings to share with each other. I asked them to imagine their future…together. They had not discussed that for a long time.


At one point, I sat them on a rock facing each other. I asked them to remember and share good times in their marriage. I was far enough away I couldn’t hear the answers, but their body language was speaking loud and clear through the crisp November air. He crossed his leg over hers. She started to cry. He wrapped his arm around her back. She spoke. He listened. They held hands. There was silence. He talked. She laughed. They were searching to connect back to the good and they were finding it. The walls between them were crumbling down and I could feel the love begin to flow. The images were beautiful.



A few weeks after the photos had been delivered, I saw the wife and asked her if she was happy with the pictures? She started to smile and her eyes filled up with tears. She told me how powerful the session had been for them and how a sweet peace still filled their hearts from our experience together. She said the pictures were also having an impact on their family. When she brought them home and opened them up, her daughter looked at the pictures and said, "Oh my gosh! Mom and Dad! You really are in love!" Tears filled my eyes as I realized what had been achieved. Walls were brought down, hearts were connected, love was revived, and it had all been captured with photography.



I was committed after that session. I knew it had potential. I wanted to add an understanding of healing to my photography skills. I studied Heart Centered Therapy to gain a greater understanding of the heart. I studied Reiki to learn how to feel energy and emotions. I started working with clients for emotional healing. I started teaching classes. I began to really understand the process and power of emotional healing.

It had been 3 years since that cold November day when I spoke with the couple again. I needed to know if they were still married. I needed to know if the photo session had any effect on their relationship. I was nervous to make the call. When we connected, the wife excitedly told me they had 3 grandchildren! They were still together! They were still working on their marriage but they were more committed than ever. My heart started to beat again.

I asked her to reflect back on our photo session. Did she notice if it had any effect? Did she notice any changes in their marriage after that? Her response still inspires me to this day. "Absolutely! It was a turning point in our marriage. I don’t know where we would be without that session. Your pictures still hang above our bed and inspire us every day."

I had my answer. Uncovering and capturing pure love can inspire healing in marriages. It became my mission and purpose. My Soul Purpose to be exact. I became dedicated to the cause and my company, Soul Focus, was born.

Healing photographyPortrait photographyRobin johnsonSeptember 2014

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