Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel took dog lovers by storm in 2012 with his release of Underwater Dogs, a unique visual experience of - you guessed it - underwater dogs!  Casteel's creative take on man's best friend was the bestselling photography book of the year, with more than 250,000 copies sold worldwide!  The book was a hilariously adorable experience of thrashing legs, gnashing teeth, and wide-eyed dogs as they chased their favorite ball into a pool, with Casteel at the ready to capture the shot!

seth_behindthescenes Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

With an even more creative follow-up, the best-selling pet photographer has released Underwater Puppies, taking his ingenious idea and applying it to the most adorable animal on earth: Puppies!

MONTY_promo "Monty" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

RUGER_promo "Ruger" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

Casteel, a member of the animal rescue community, has a deep passion for working with animals, and loves to apply his love of photography to his love of animals.  In Underwater Puppies, Seth photographed hundreds of adopted puppies from rescue groups and shelters from across the country. One of Seth's goals with publishing both Underwater Dogs & Underwater Puppies is to remind us than adoption from shelters and rescue centers is a fantastic way of bringing love into a home, while saving a life at the same time.

REASON_promo "Reason" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

Pringles and Pickme "Pringles & Pickme" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

"I feel like a first-grade teacher.  I experience so much pride when watching puppies swim for the first time.  They've learned something they'll benefit from for the rest of their lives."  What many people don't know, is that puppies are capable of swimming at just a few weeks old. With a little practice, it can be a very safe playtime for puppies and older dogs!  For safety purposes, teaching puppies how to swim is all about where you teach them.  For instance, in natural bodies of water, there are several exits; much easier to find a way out than a swimming pool.  In a pool, there is usually only one exit, so showing your dog where the steps are and how to get out of the pool is important.  Once they learn how to get out of the water, they develop their curiosity and playfulness while knowing how to protect themselves by getting out of the water if in danger.  

COREY_promo "Corey" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

GINGER_promo "Ginger" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

The best part of Underwater Puppies is that each image is different, much like the personalities of each puppy.  Some are cautious and careful of the situation, while others provide the most enjoyment of the viewer, as they dive head-first into the water with nothing in mind but getting that tennis ball!  Seth Casteel has perfectly portrayed why dogs are man's best friend, and how they can easily bring so much joy into our lives.

IGGY_promo "Iggy" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

ROLLEY_promo "Rolley" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

POPSICLE_promo "Popsicle" Photo Credit© Seth Casteel

If you would like to learn more about Seth Casteel's photography as well as the tremendous work he does for animal rescue, visit his website and purchase your copy of Underwater Puppies here.

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