24 Mother's Day Gifts to Make Mom Smile by Ona

We asked six moms from our community, including pictureline's former employee Megan Turley, for some creative and thoughtful gift ideas – for both them and a fellow mom – to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. From sweet-smelling fragrances to personalized jewelry to a journal for the expecting mom, here are 24 gifts that are guaranteed to make this Mother’s Day memorable:

Akia Bostic | @akiarene

Gifts for Me:

The ONA Savannah Crossbody: It’s perfect for adventures with my husband when I want to carry a camera but don’t have to tote around the kid’s bottles and diapers too.
One (or both!) of the Glossier makeup sets: I’m trying to do a better job at making sure I look some what presentable when I leave the house and this brand makes it look really simple!

A Gift For Another Mom:

An Amazon Firestick & a good glass of wine: Throw a baby sitter in there for good measure too! After we get the boys to sleep, a movie and a glass of wine are the perfect way to unwind from a busy day.

My Favorite ONA Bag:

The Capri tote: It has joined me on my honeymoon in Italy to play dates at the park and has endured plenty of snacks and bottles. I’ve had it for a little over three years and it looks better than when I bought it. I own it in Antique Congac and it goes with everything. It is hands down my my favorite bag ever.

Jacque Lynn | @jacquelynnphoto

Gifts for Me:

A spa gift card: As cliche as it seems, a spa gift card for more than one service back to back would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Even better if its booked with my husband or a friend to enjoy it with! Such an indulgence, which is what Mother’s Day is about for Moms.

Peony & Blush Suede Cologne by Jo Malone: Jo Malone perfumes are ALWAYS a good idea. The soft scent is perfect for Spring and Summer.

A Gift For Another Mom:

Date Night: the first thing that comes to mind is something like gifting her a lovely dinner out with her husband while the kids stay at my home for the night. Things like this always mean the world to me and rejuvenate the whole family.

My Favorite ONA Bag:

The Leather Brixton: I love this bag for shooting and just for traveling in general. It is such a stylish bag that doesn’t scream "photo gear inside!" and the sections are customizable. It’s my go-to carry-on for flights – even when I am not carrying camera gear.

Megan Turley | @meganturleyphoto

Gifts for Me:

Made by Mary Everly Bar Necklace: I’ve loved these necklaces for a long time. The idea of having my boys names personalized on a necklace close to my heart just feels like the perfect piece of jewelry.

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish: I think Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give the gift of pampering. A gift certificate for a spa day, a trip to the nail salon, a new robe, or a new body moisturizer like this one are all at the top of my list.

A Gift For Another Mom:

Lush Bath Bombs: My favorite way to treat myself on any given week night is by dropping one of these into my bath. It’s a simple way to take my relaxation to the next level. I noticed they also have these "mom" bombs just in time for Mother’s Day!

My Favorite ONA Bag:

The Leather Capri in Antique:  This was the first ONA bag I purchased, and I fell immediately in love with it.  I love that it looks like a beautiful purse, but is so well constructed inside to hold a generous amount of camera gear, along with other essentials.  It has remained one of my go-to bags, and when I’m not using the Capri, I’m using the Bowery!

Jillian Wishart | @jillianwishart

Gifts for Me:

Zoe Chicco Ring: This dainty ring would look perfect on my right hand – I always love a diamond surprise, especially at such a reasonable price.

Lulie Wallace Print: I love bringing the greenery of plants into my home, and this print would bring a splash of color to my mostly neutral home without the upkeep.

A Gift For Another Mom:

‘In the Company of Women’ by Grace Bonney: There’s never enough coffee table books, and I love the idea of gifting a book centered around inspiring women – especially to my mom who has constantly inspired me as a woman and a mother.

My Favorite ONA bag:

The Leather Capri: This has been my go-to bag for several years. Now that I’m a mom, I’m even more grateful for a comfortable shoulder bag that can hold more than meets the eye.

Tiffany Farley@tiffanylfarley

Gifts for Me:

Sixteen & Grain Film Satchel: As a photographer who uses both digital and film during my shoots, I am constantly reaching for a new roll of film to load during a session, while also safe keeping the used rolls. I love these luxurious, customizable satchels from Sixteen & Grain!

Truffle Clarity Clutch: As someone who travels often, I just adore these clutches from One Truffle! This would be amazing for quickly moving my must-have personal items from my purse to my camera bag in a cinch! Say goodbye to digging around the bottom of your bag for your favorite lip balm!

A Gift For Another Mom:

Promptly Journal: For the newly expecting mother, I just adore the Promptly journals! Unlike most typical one year baby books, these neutral colored journals are for documenting Ages 0-18 all in one book! Filled with meaningful, thought provoking questions and special memories from their entire childhood, these would make the perfect gift that she can someday share with her child. They even have a special journal for those who are adopting, which I think is so amazing!

My Favorite ONA Bag:

The Chelsea Bag: I currently own this bag and absolutely love it! My favorite thing about majority of the ONA bag collection is the flexibility to use them each as regular handbags as well when I am traveling and that they don’t LOOK like traditional or expected camera bags. Being one for travel and outdoor adventure, I really have my eye on the Camps Bay Backpack in Smoke! I think it needs to be next on my list!

Kim Watson | @kikhaly

Gifts for Me:

Alexander Wang Amelia Mules: Shoes are one of my guilty pleasures and these mules by Alexander Wang have been on my list for a very long time! 

Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens: I have been contemplating getting a new prime and I think this will be perfect to capture those precious moments of my girls! 

A Gift For Another Mom:

Apple Watch: I would gift an Apple Watch to my mom so that she can’t use the excuse of telling me that "she didn’t text me back because she never saw my message her phone!"

My Favorite ONA Bag:

The Leather Brixton messenger: I love the Brixton bag because it is versatile and has plenty of room to store all of my gear and everyday essentials.

Don't forget the darling mother's in your life this year, and be sure to pamper them with one of these ideas this year! Also, be sure to enter our giveaway for one Ona Bag to a lucky winner over on our Instagram (winner will be announced Wednesday, May 10th)! We're also doing a giveaway in the store, so stop by to enter!

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