Sony A9 Review Round-Up

Rumor has it Sony has interrupted the digital photography market with their announcement of the new Sony A9. This new full-frame mirrorless digital camera is getting a lot of hype in the photography world because of the incredible features it's expected to have. But is it all just talk or does the A9 actually hold up to the claims Sony is making about it?

Image Credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

We've rounded up some popular reviews from photographers that have been lucky enough to get their hands on this new camera system. While reading these reviews keep in mind a few things about the A9 that make it particularly appealing!

  • 24.2 MP Full-frame sensor
  • 20 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • 4K Video 3840 x 2160
  • Blackout free shooting
  • 693 Autofocus Points
  1. "The Sony A9 is hands-down one of the most impressive cameras we’ve ever used. If you need to shoot a ton of photos with unbridled speed, this seems like the camera to get.That said, the Sony A9 is aimed at a very particular crowd of sports and photojournalism shooters, and it’s overkill for anyone outside of its niche market. But Sony has done an admirable job of producing one of the fastest and best performing cameras we’ve ever seen." -- Kevin Lee, (

    Image Credit: TechRadar
  2. "Based on my first experience with it, at a track-and-field event Sony chose for the demo setting, the A9 is as fast as it sounds on paper. The camera's autofocus had no trouble keeping up with dancers, runners and pole vaulters." -- Edgar Alvarez, (

  3. "Honestly, the A9 is not exactly the camera I wanted or expected Sony to launch. It may have a flagship level frame rate but it still feels, looks, and acts like an A7 more than a 1DX. If it wasn’t for the higher price, you would be forgiven for thinking the A9 was merely the Sony A7III, and that is an issue for me. Sony first introduced the stacked CMOS sensor design with silent shooting and stunning frame rates on the Sony RX100 V as a normal camera upgrade to the RX 100 IV. And that is what the A9 should have been. The A9 is the perfect upgrade to the A7II and every A7 and A7II owner should have one on preorder. It is still an amazing camera but clever marketing and speed alone can’t change the identity of a camera. If you can afford it, you should buy it but do so with the knowledge of what this camera truly is: An amazing Sony A7III." -- Dan Watson, (

  4. "It could be Sony's best camera ever, which is why it will empty your pockets." -- Sean O'Kane, (

"Many people have likened the A9 to a DSLR killer, like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. It’s not – as least not for several years. While growing, Sony’s lens lineup still doesn’t rival those of Canon and Nikon, the DSLR kings. Both companies have loyal customers, but unless the DSLR evolves to counter mirrorless cameras like the A9, we could see more professional photographers trickle over, because Sony is trying to build a camera users want, not just engineers." -- David Elrich, (

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May 2017

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