a7III vs a7RIII: Which One is Your Next Camera?

Sony has finally introduced the much anticipated Sony a7III, marketing it as an advanced, entry level, full frame camera. Let’s see how it stacks up to it’s bigger brother, the a7RIII.

Both feature the exact same frames per second, a dedicated multi-selector knob, so that you can shift focus points quickly, touchscreen capabilities, Dual media slots for increased storage, organizational or backup needs, S-log and Hybrid H D R video recording, and the much needed in-camera rating system.

The a7III does however, have a longer battery life and better focusing abilities with 693 phase detection points.

The a7RIII beats out the a7III with it’s enormous 42 megapixel backlit sensor and the ability to perform Pixel Shift Multi Shooting, which allows for full RGB detail in each pixel for landscape and architectural shooting.

If we ranked the these two by image quality alone, the a7RIII would be the clear winner. However, if we take a look at Sony’s a7 lineup, something becomes very apparent. We have the a7S line, Sony’s premiere video workhorse on one end, the a7R line, Sony’s professional photographic machine on the other end, and we’re left with the a7 line right smack dab in the middle, borrowing features from both the premiere video and the professional image lines. What the Sony a7III is really meant for, is the multimedia expert, the person who does it all, stills, video, whatever!

With a 24 megapixel sensor, 4K, s-log, and 120fps at 1080p recording capabilities, the a7III is the perfect marriage between the low-light capability of the a7S and the higher detail sensor quality of the a7R line. Additionally, the a7III's ability to oversample 6K footage down to 4K in full frame mode for increased detail, may override any lowlight advantage a camera with less megapixels, like the a7SII, may offer.

We’ve got each line at the store, so come down to Pictureline to check them out, and give each camera a test drive to see which body best suits your needs!

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