Peak Design Anchor Upgrade

Peak Design has informed us of a slight upgrade they are making to Anchors going forward.

Why the upgrade?

The Anchors that went into production last year used a thinner cord so that the user could sandwich Anchors between any tripod plate and the bottom of their camera, and so that the Anchor could be connected directly to the camera strap eyelets whiteout seeing an intermediary ring.

This was well intentioned and well tested in many respects, however, Peak Design failed to realized that the smoothness of the camera strap eyelets/loops varies greatly, both across and within camera brands. This has lead to accelerated Anchor cord wear in some cases, and Peak Design is taking full responsibility for the oversight.

They have now seen seven cases of accelerated cord-fraying due to this condition. (Affecting about 1 in 17,000 people.)

While the number of people affected is small, Peak Design thinks it's unacceptable by the standards they have set for themselves as product designers. They are correcting it by reverting back to a thicker Anchor cords, but continuing with the angled Anchor for easier attachment.

The new Anchor will be Version 4.

Peak Design asks that any servicing for the Anchor upgrade be processed directly through them at

At Pictureline, we wanted to make sure to pass along this information we have received from Peak Design so that our customers are aware of the changes, and are able to contact and resolve any issues they have with their Peak Design Anchors V3 directly through the company.

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