Announcing the Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash

In November of 2013, Profoto launched a new category of flash; the Off-Camera Flash, featuring the B1. Today, Profoto will do it again. Introducing the Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash and Shaping Tools. From the ground up, these tools are designed to help photographers focus on the image, not the technology - simplifying the process of making timeless images.  Yet again, Profoto is changing the lighting business and revolutionizing the way we shape light.

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The Profoto B2 and Light Shaping Tools are designed specifically to be compact, portable and easy for on-location photography. The most attention-grabbing item in the Off-Camera Flash system is the B2. Lighter and more portable than it's B1 counterpart, the B2 consists of a battery pack and a head. The handy carrying bag gives you the option to put the battery pack on your shoulder or hip, while the head is small and light enough to be mounted onto a monopod or a bracket on the camera.  This will allow the photographer to stay moving.  If that's not necessary, both the pack and head can be put on a stand and the B2 can be wirelessly controlled from the camera.  This makes B2 the world's first off-camera flash that can be used both on and off-camera.

In addition, the B2 has all the benefits that made the B1 an outstanding success.  It has TTL.  It has HSS. It's fast enough to keep up with your camera and five times as powerful as the average speed-light.  It can be used with the entire range of Profoto Light Shaping Tools.  All this is in a head with the same same size and weight as a speedlight.  Honestly, how much better than that can it get?

The Profoto Off-Camera Flash system also includes OFC Light Shaping Tools.  The OFC Light Shaping Tools are smaller and more lightweight.  They also consist of fewer parts and use smart, patent-pending solutions that make them fast and easy to mount and use.  The assortment includes four new softboxes, a new Grid Kit, a new Snoot and a new Barndoor.

Included in the Off-Camera Flash system is also the renowned B1 and the patented AirTTL system. Everything works with everything!  For a complete list of Profoto B2 and Light Shaping Tools pictureline offers, please click here.

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