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Pictureline is known for it's contribution to the photographic community, not just to our local Utahans, but to people all over the nation. Whether its our educational classes to help beginner photographers learn how to work their camera settings, understand manual controls, composition and lighting, the majority of our work is aimed primarily at photographers.  But with the growing demand in the technology world, cinematography is becoming a booming business, which requires our store, along with our employees, products and education, to grow along with it.

One of the products that we have picked up in response to this growing demand is the DEFY Gimbal. DEFY products are built by cinematographers, for cinematographers.  Their objective is simple: to create products for filmmakers that are a platform for exceptional video.

Since the unveiling of DEFY, they've created some pretty outstanding products. From their premium production equipment to their smaller consumer gimbals, DEFY pretty much has everything that will give you the most incredible footage possible, no matter which product you choose.  One of these exceptional products is the brand-new G2X gimbal, the lightest, most powerful gimbal of its class.  It's re-designed with filmmakers from all genres in mind, allowing for the ability to precisely - and accurately - stabilize your footage in such a small, easy-to-use frame.  This little guy packs a huge punch, with features that seem only possible in a larger (and much more expensive) gimbal.


The G2X includes awesome features like pre-selected auto tuned modes for different camera weights allowing users to bypass the need for software calibration.  How about removing the need to use a stand by balancing in an inverted, flat-top configuration to go out of the box and filming in as little as three minutes?  Yep, it's got that too!

The auto sensing IMU allows users to choose the orientation of the gimbal (inverted or upright) for better ergonomics and camera positioning allowing users to film for hours.  The G2X carries lightweight mirrorless cameras such as an A7s or GH4 and common DSLRs  with an additional lens up to 3.5 lbs.

Additionally, the G2X is designed to hide wires and allow for easy adjustment, weighting in at only 4.5 lbs.  With its sleek re-design, the gimbal makes it easier to see the screen instead of adding an additional monitor that can cost upwards of $500-$1000. Other gimbals can cost close to $4000 without an additional monitor, and many times require a second or third operator, which leaves you closer to $7000-$10,000.  With the G2X, the gimbal can be operated completely individually, without the use of an added monitor, with a price tag of $2000.

Like we said, the G2X packs a huge punch to take your video to the next level.  The only question left is what's taken you so long to pick up one of these bad boys?

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