ATEM Mini vs. ATEM Mini Pro vs. ATEM Mini Pro ISO

Blackmagic recently announced the ATEM Mini PRO ISO switcher joining both the ATEM Mini and the ATEM Mini Pro. So what is the difference between the three? Below, we'll familiarize you with the key differences between the three models and hopefully help you decide which one is right for you.

1. ATEM Mini

The ATEM Mini allows you to live stream through your computer and switch between up to four different cameras or computer sources via HDMI. The Mini is only for those looking to live stream. A recording is not available for any post-processing capabilities. If you are looking for a simple way to live stream straight to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook LIVE, etc., and you don't need 4-way multi-cam view, this is the perfect product. 

2. ATEM Mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro has all the features of the mini and can live stream directly through an Ethernet connection so you get higher quality, less dropped frames and simpler settings. The ATEM Mini Pro also adds the ability for multiview with 4 cameras, so you more precisely time your camera cuts. Plus, you can record via USB with audio in a high-quality codec. The ATEM Mini Pro is great if want more control for your live streams but also have an audience that will tune in to watch afterward. An example of those who would benefit from this version would be churches, content creators, businesses with instructional videos, twitch streamers, home studio vloggers, or anyone who is trying to up their production value. 

3. ATEM Mini Pro ISO

The ATEM Mini Pro ISO has all the features of the Pro and allows you to record five separate video streams with audio, one from each camera as well as the live-streamed broadcast. It also allows you to save the live-streamed feed as a Davinci Resolve project with a single click, so instead of the single combined file that is saved from the Pro, the project file saved by the ISO has all of your cuts, transitions, titles, green screens, etc, from the broadcast saved separately so you can re-edit your cuts, easily change your transitions, or insert new green screen backgrounds in post. The ATEM Mini Pro is now available for sale and is listed for $895. 

  • Ricky Muchtar |

    Can I use elgato stream deck pedal to change from Camera 1 to Camera 2 or 3?

  • Al |

    Is there any reason you can’t just record in camera while you’re streaming so you can record in 6K BRAW?

  • john swan |

    can i still use my logic pro x as my audio
    I want to run acoustic guitar feed and vocal through the effects i use in logic pro x .
    OR ,can i run backing track straight into it somehow,
    where would vocal come from (source)
    if so is there an X:R input
    sorry for so many questions.
    im looking at pro but would love to know if extreme has what im asking for
    regards john swan O.A.M .

  • Pictureline |

    Hi Mahd, it records via USB-C.

  • Mohd Maqbool |
    Were from it recordes through USB or it has a card slot

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