BLACKRAPID's Counterfeit Hardware Warranty Warning

It has recently come to BLACKRAPID's attention that some retailers are bundling their straps with non-BLACKRAPID branded parts and accessories. Their warranty specifically states that the use of any non-genuine parts or accessories from other brands could cause damage to the ConnectR or FastenR and voids the warranty.

However, depending on how these retailers choose to list these products, it may not always be obvious that customers are not receiving genuine BLACKRAPID parts. One of the biggest offenders is the non-genuine fastener, made to look like our patented FR-3 or FR-5 FastenR products. The inferior knock-off fasteners are prone to thread wear and/or breakage, which can cause the camera to drop, or the fastener can snap off and get stuck inside the camera’s tripod mount.

Take a Sec, Learn a Spec

A simple comparison will reveal the difference between an authentic BLACKRAPID part and a knock-off part (see below for images). For example, authentic BLACKRAPID parts will always be made of stainless steel and either embossed or laser engraved with the ‘R’ logo. An authentic BLACKRAPID FastenR will not scratch easily and will maintain its well-defined threading pattern with normal use. By contrast, the metal that is used for the knock-off fasteners tends to be cheap and easily scuffed or gouged; the threaded post often becomes worn and won’t screw into the camera body securely.

Non-genuine parts can also cause abnormal wear and tear on the strap and other hardware, causing the genuine BLACKRAPID parts to fail due to this abnormal strain. BLACKRAPID takes the safety integrity of their products very seriously. Their products go through intense design planning and weight / durability testing over an extended period of time. All their parts and materials are designed to work together to properly support your camera under normal conditions.

One-Year Warranty

BLACKRAPID always wants to do the right thing for their customers, and they go out of their way every day to exceed customer service expectations. They guarantee the quality of all BLACKRAPID products with their one-year warranty against craftsmanship defects. However, they cannot be responsible for the performance – or lack thereof – of non-genuine BLACKRAPID parts and accessories, and the use of such parts will necessarily void the warranty.

You can view the original article here, and be sure to check out our line of authentic BLACKRAPID products on our website!

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