Bold Colors: Bold Creativity with Seamless Backdrop Paper

A roll of seamless background paper is the perfect finisher to tie together the theme for your controlled studio shoots; from portraits, to products, to still life. Among the numerous reasons why photographers love shooting with these simple backgrounds, perhaps the most sought after reason is the clean and cohesive look they provide, without any distractions. It’s entirely purposeful accent. It emphasizes your subject and can add the finishing touch, tone, or feeling to your image that the pose and lighting can’t achieve on their own. A clean seamless background is right at home in any of these professional settings:

  • Fashion photography
  • Pet photography
  • Professional headshots
  • Interviews
  • Product photography
  • Food photography
  • Video conferences/ Zoom meetings
  • Newborn photography

Choosing your particular color can be a little daunting with over 50 different color options. We suggestion making sure you have a purpose to your shoot. What do you want to convey? What is your theme? Which colors represent your brand the best?

superior color chart

If you're just starting out, we suggest finding a neutral tone. Whether it be for fashion, portraits, product photography, etc, you can’t go wrong with an elegant neutral color palette. Two of our most popular colors are arctic white and jet black. These colors can definitely add contrast to your subject and both give a very classic look. Some of our personal favorites here at the store include: Wheat, Beige, Ivorine, Dull Aluminum, and Neutral Grey.

Beige backdrop seamless with model

If you’re looking for a pop of color, our customer favorites include: Carnation Pink, Scarlet, Alpine, Sky Blue and Aspen.

model sitting on chair with seamless carnation pink backdrop paper

One piece of equipment you’ll need to get started is a backdrop support kit. We carry a few different brands here at the store which include: the Photoflex ProDuty, Phottix Saldo and the Manfrotto 1314b.

Once you have your seamless paper set up, here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Store in a dry space.
  2. Roll back up when finished and keep in a vertical position
  3. Have a few clamps handy to keep paper secure
  4. Sweep on a hard surface to prevent creases
  5. Clean your shoes
  6. Recycle

These tips will help prevent your paper from any potential damage due to warping, creasing, tearing, or getting dirty. Also, your seamless paper is made out of recycled material and can be recycled!

Another important variable when it comes to choosing a seamless paper is the size. We primarily carry two different sizes—53”x 12yds or 107”x 12yds. The 53” would be 4.5ft wide and the 107” is 9ft wide. Additionally, we carry a select few colors available in 140”x 12yds. These colors include: Black, Grey and White. Deciding on the size depends on what type of shoot your planning on. The smaller size is better suited for those taking closeup shots, headshots, or product photography, while the 9ft is better for full body, movement or if there will be more than one subject.

9ft backdrop support paper seamless

One last helpful tip when shooting large groups, is turning the paper rolls on their side. If you have a large enough wall you can have a paper backdrop 9’ tall and up to 36’ wide!

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