Canon Counterfeits: How to Spot a Knock Off

Nothing is ever as good as the real deal. A knock off may look all fine and well, but what happens when the bag rips, the watch stops ticking, and the sunglasses break? Or worse, what happens when the counterfeit camera battery you bought ruins your camera and/or you lose all of your photos?

Counterfeit accessories plague the consumer electronics industry with batteries and chargers being some of the most counterfeited products. Inferior engineering and construction put counterfeits at risk of explosion, combustion, leakage, or abnormal heat. And while counterfeits exist throughout the electronics industry, Canon has put together some information to help protect you and your Canon products from counterfeits.

Why Buy Genuine Canon Accessories?

To help ensure the safe, reliable operation of your valuable Canon equipment, you should avoid using counterfeit "Canon" accessories. Engineered and manufactured to meet government and industry standards for safety and reliability, genuine Canon accessories including batteries, chargers, and battery grips, help ensure the optimal performance of your valuable Canon product. Genuine Canon batteries, chargers, and battery grips are designed to hold a charge, properly fit into Canon equipment, and prevent over-charge, short-circuit and/or overheating that may cause damage to your Canon equipment.

Identifying and Avoiding Canon Counterfeits

Although counterfeiters are always working to make their knock-offs virtually indistinguishable from genuine Canon accessories, there are a number of ways to identify and avoid fakes. By scrutinizing packaging, making comparisons with genuine Canon accessories, being vigilant when purchasing through non-US based online shopping sites, avoiding deals that are "too good to be true," and purchasing through authorized Canon dealers or directly from Canon, you greatly reduce the risk of inadvertently purchasing counterfeit goods.

Why are Canon Counterfeits So Bad?

As the popularity of cameras and accessories grows around the globe, so does the problem of counterfeiting. It is illegal to sell counterfeit products. Counterfeiting costs jobs, undermines legitimate resellers, and can pose a real safety risk. Counterfeit products are rarely, if ever, produced to the same strict safety standards specified by the government or to the industry to which Canon adheres. The use of counterfeits, which can damage the Canon product or cause increased service problems, may void Canon product warranties.

More About Canon Counterfeits

Visit Canon’s site for more information on counterfeiting and how to avoid it. Also, check out the Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Counterfeiting and Piracy. And if you’re in doubt about a Canon product, Canon can help you determine if your Canon accessory is genuine or counterfeit by contacting them at 1-855-46-CANON. With a little awareness and a bit of homework, you can avoid the pitfalls of counterfeit goods.

Source: Canon

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