Canon Improves Eye AF with New Firmware Update for EOS R and RP

Canon just released a new firmware update that enhances Eye Detection AF for both the EOS R and RP cameras. 

Here is a recap of the following enhancements and fixes:

  1. Enhances eye detection Auto Focus (AF) for improved face and eye recognition at greater distances.
  2. Improved Auto Focus (AF) performance helps the camera to focus on and track smaller subjects.
  3. Reduces lag time between the actual Auto Focus (AF) and the AF frame display for images in the viewfinder or on the LCD.
  4. Fixes a phenomenon in which the AF frame size cannot be changed in the Servo AF setting.
  5. Fixes PTP communication vulnerability.

All functions added in firmware updates previously are included in the new firmware (EOS R - v1.4.0 and EOS RP - v1.3.0). With this new firmware, event, street, sports and wildlife photographers will enjoy crisp autofocus on their subjects from far distances without lag.

When it comes to Eye AF, Sony is and has been number one while Canon seemed to fall short. Even Nikon and Fujifilm seemed to surpass Canon, until now. With the new firmware, Canon is a strong competitor and we were excited to put it to the test. Below is a video of what Eye Detection AF looks like now in the EOS R and RP cameras. 

Canon has come a far way in regards to Eye AF performance in full-frame mirrorless cameras and we're excited to see what the future holds. To update your EOS R or RP camera with this latest firmware, head over to Canon's website: EOS R and EOS RP.   


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