The All New GoPro HERO8 and GoPro MAX Announced

You heard that right, GoPro has just announced not one but two new cameras—the GoPro HERO8 and the GoPro MAX. But what more could they possibly add after the Hero7, you may ask? Well, below we'll highlight what makes this camera so unique and why it should be on the top of your wish list. 

The GoPro Hero8 

GroPro taglines the new Hero8 as "the most versatile, unshakable HERO camera ever." Some exciting features to mention are a more pocketable design, interchangeable mounts, optional Mods, pro audio, and HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization. 

Streamlined Design

Compared to the Hero7, the Hero8 has a smaller more pocketable design. There are folding fingers at the bottom to help exchange mounts, a new side door to replace batteries faster and the lens is 2x more impact resistant. Charging is also 38 percent faster with the optional SuperCharger adapter. 

Considering the rise of vlogging, the GoPro Hero8 now has three optional mods—Media Mod, Display Mod and a Light Mod. These mods allow vloggers and other filmmakers to add accessories like flashes, microphones, LCD screens and more.

Digital Lenses & Stabilization

Wouldn't it be nice to have optional lenses right at your fingertips? Well, now you have the ability to toggle between four digital lenses—Narrow, Linear, Wide and SuperView. In addition to these new lens options, HyperSmooth 2.0 offers three levels of stabilization—On, High and Boost—depending on what you need.  

Video Specs

GroPro is known for capturing life's great adventures and now with the Hero8, it's better than ever. With the new Time Warp 2.0, you can take super stabilized time lapse videos while you're moving. And now, it can automatically adjust speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting. You can even slow down the effect to real-time and then tap to speed it back up. In addition to time lapse videos, you are now able to record night lapse videos. 

Image of biker in air taken with gopro hero8

To improve the in-camera audio GoPro added three mics with advanced wind-noise reduction allowing better overall audio quality. If you're looking to expand your creativity within your video, the Hero8 comes preloaded with presets for Standard, Activity, Cinematic and Slo-Mo shots. For quick shareable videos, you can take 15-30 second length clips.

Photo Specs

Not only does the Hero8 come with advanced video capabilities, but it also has incredible photo options. With Live Burst, you can record 1.5 seconds before and after your shot, giving you more of a chance to choose the perfect frame for your photo—or an awesome shareable video. Of course, you also have Super Photo and HDR capabilities to remove blur and add detail in even low-light images. 

GoPro Hero8 photo of man on mountain taking photo with gopro hero8Capture every moment with GoPro HERO8

Also, RAW is now available in all photo modes including time-lapse and burst modes. If you're looking to post your photos or videos on social media, the Hero8 now comes with Portrait Orientation—the perfect size for Snapchat or Instagram stories. Plus, if you're looking to get a fun group shot, it comes with a photo timer. 

The GoPro MAX

The GoPro Hero MAX is three cameras in one. You can use it as a classic HERO-style camera, capture 360-degree video, or vlog like a pro. It has 16.6MP and can take 5.6K30 spherical videos. You can even capture a panoramic shot by simply taking the photo. Not only that but with six mics on board, you get immersive 360 audio and the best sound GoPro has yet to deliver. 

Here at pictureline, we are excited to see what these small but mighty cameras can do. If you're into capturing life's adventures, one of these cameras is sure to be on your Christmas list this year. The GoPro Hero8 Black is now $399.99 and the GoPro Max is $499.99.

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