Fujifilm's New X-T10!


Fujifilm paid a visit to pictureline June 8th, 2015 to flaunt the newest addition to their X-series: the Fujifilm X-T10. It has been developed to fulfill placement as X-T1's "little brother" with identical internal functions and sensors, while featuring a more compact, lightweight body and desirable price tag. The little brother also pioneers Fujifilm's new 77-point intelligent auto-focus system with face and eye recognition. This expanded auto-focus will be available as firmware update ver.4.00 for the X-T1 by the end of June 2015 to further sync the two cameras' systems.


The X-T10's compact size is due, in part, to some cosmetic adjustments of the X-T1 prototype. The ISO and Metering dials atop the X-T1 have been internalized in the new model. Both are now operated within the Q-menu and may be user-assigned to a button function. The X-T10, having a lighter frame, also features a less substantial grip than the X-T1. The smaller grip has been tested to assure maximum security when paired with long zoom lenses. The electronic viewfinder compromised a few millimeters (17.5mm vs X-T1’s 21.5mm) to achieve its archetypal size; other losses (when compared to the X-T1) are the weather-sealed body and slightly diminished LCD-screen resolution (1040k-dots to 920k-dots), which make it available at such a reasonable price for both hobbyists and professionals. When all is said and done, the X-T10 is 11mm smaller in length, 7mm shorter in height and 6mm thinner than the X-T1 – a 27% size reduction and 60g shaved off the weight!

Despite its petite frame, the X-T10 is still ready to take on interchangeable lenses from the full Fujinon lineup. The X mount remains a defining attribute of the X-T10 to retain maximum photo variability in Fujifilm gear. Fujifilm has incorporated some elements into their new model that were often inquired about after the release of the X-T1, such as a standard electronic shutter, 58-pattern scene recognition, and a built in flash beneath the hot shoe mount for fill and external lighting opportunities.


July 2015

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