DJI Mavic Provides Aerial Footage Wherever You Go

flybyphone Leave the remote behind and fly by phone on-the-go.

DJI's New Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the most amateur user into an aerial footage pro. Though it is 1/6th the size of the Phantom 4, the Mavic is still capable of the many features DJI users are accustomed too. It has 27 minutes of flight time, 4K Ultra HD Video, precision hover, and it has an incredible 4.3 mile flight radius.
maviccontrollerCreative Features- Shoot like a pro with ActiveTrack. This feature allows you to touch the subject you want to track and as they move the Mavic will follow them, capturing incredible footage. Get a better selfie with Gesture Mode, which allows you to take a selfie with a wave of the hand while the Mavic is pointed at you. For more precision indoors, flip on Tripod Mode which slows the movement of the Mavic allowing you to navigate in the tightest of spaces.

mavichikers Easy- Forget the controller, the Mavic is able to fly just by using your phone.  Having trouble flying straight? The Mavic can control where it goes with a tap of the finger, all you have to do is tap on the screen where you want it to go and it will fly there.


Worry Free-  The part on a drone that causes the most problems is the sensor. DJI has equipped the Mavic with back-ups for each of the critical sensors.  If one goes wrong the other one clicks in to take it's place. Don't worry about flying low over uneven terrain, the Mavic's sensors will keep you high enough not to crash.  And if you want the drone to come home quickly, the Mavic has a feature allowing it to fly home all by itself.

The Mavic Pro will be available October 15th.

Mavic Pro $999

Mavic Pro Fly More Combo $1,299

October 2016

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