Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022 | Photographer's Edition

Mother’s Day is a special time of year to celebrate the talented women in our lives. For the women who raise families and have successful photography careers, we’ve come up with a few sought-after gift ideas. Photographers are masters at making their subject feel incredible about themselves and now it’s their turn. What better way to say Happy Mother’s Day than a thoughtful gift to add to their gear bag.

mother and baby for mothers day photoshoot

Plan a Mother’s Day Photoshoot

To start off, this particular gift isn’t your run-of-the-mill product or piece of gear but it’s something that she will cherish for years to come. Since she’s always behind the camera, make time to capture her for a change. Plan a photoshoot in her element or together with your family. If you’re not a photographer, find someone who is! For photoshoot ideas, here’s a list below:

  • An intimate in-home shoot of either her and her kids or the whole family
  • If she’s expecting, plan a maternity shoot
  • Get outside to her favorite place to capture beautiful family moments
  • Take a face-to-face photo of her with her daughter or son
  • Book an in-studio shoot for high-quality portraits

Upgrade Her Camera Body

For the photographer who’s been eyeing that new camera body, this could be the perfect opportunity to surprise her. Some brands also start Mother’s Day sales, so that camera might even be more affordable than you expected. This year, the Canon EOS R is $200 OFF and the Nikon Z7 II is $100 OFF. If she’s still shooting on a DSLR, this could be a good time to upgrade to mirrorless. If she has older lenses, look into buying an adapter so that she can still use the same lenses.

z7 ii camera at pictureline

Refresh Her Camera with A Stylish Strap

Camera straps come in all sorts of colors, sizes and styles. One easy way to give your photographer a new revamp on their camera is by getting her a new strap. We carry a variety of straps here at the store, one of our most popular being the Peak Design Slidelite that comes in four colors—ash, black, midnight and sage. The Slidelite is super versatile and can be worn as a sling, neck or shoulder strap. One major feature we love is the anchor attachments that provide highly secure mounting that can hold up to 200lbs.

If she’s someone who would like to add a cute print or pattern, try looking at our Perry’s Leather straps. These straps come in both leather or nylon material and offer a ton of stylish pattern options that mom will love. 

Store Her Gear in A New Bag

With all her gear, she’s going to need a high-quality bag to store everything in. With such a wide assortment of bags from backpacks, shoulder bags, slings and more, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites. The two bags are made by Peak Design but come in two different styles—the Peak Design Everyday Tote or the Totepak. Each bag comes in two colors, bone and black. Depending on which style you like best, the design is sleek and simple, providing enough room for multiple camera bodies and lenses.

Capture Candids on An Instant Camera

For the photographer that basically has everything, it’s always a fun idea to get something out of the ordinary. Since photography is their business, sometimes it’s nice to have an outlet like an instant camera to help spark their creativity or just shoot for fun. Cameras like the Fujifilm INSTAX mini 11 are a great way to capture candids of the whole family or to even document the events that take place on Mother’s Day.

instant film available at pictureline

Stock Up on Camera Accessories

Memory cards, UV filters, microfiber cloths, lens cleaning spray, all of these accessories are no brainers when it comes to stocking up on camera supplies. Of course, gift cards are always a great option too. Give her camera a little TLC by getting a sensor cleaning which she might need especially if she’s changing out lenses often or shooting outside. Dust and dirt can get on the sensor and sometimes show up in her images. A sensor cleaning will help her camera feel like new again.

Lookout for special Mother’s Day deals on brands like Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron and Nikon. We wish all the hard-working moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We applaud you for all the dedication and effort you put in day in and day out.

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