Must-have Lens for Sports and Wildlife Photographers

The Canon EF200-400mm f/4L IS USM EXTENDER 1.4x is a unique super-telephoto lens that takes Canon lens development to the next level. With outstanding image quality, a fixed f/4 aperture and a built-in 1.4x extender it’s a lens that’s packed with features, optical excellence, flexibility and reliability. Although, certainly not the most budget-friendly lens, it is made of the highest quality glass and gets the job done better than anything else. If you are an action photographer, sports, or wildlife photographer this lens needs to be at the top of your wishlist.


For sports, action and wildlife photographers in particular the EF200-400mm f/4L IS USM EXTENDER 1.4x zoom lens is the ideal, flexible optical tool. With a total focal length range of 200mm to 560mm it’s an extremely versatile lens that is astonishingly light and small – it will therefore appeal to a wide range of photographers who want the dual benefits of a wide zoom range in an easy-to-carry package.


  • High-performance L-series super-telephoto zoom lens.
  • Fixed f/4 aperture.
  • Built-in 1.4x extender.
  • Fluorite lens elements to correct chromatic aberrations, enabling high resolution and high contrast images.
  • SWC coating reduces ghosting caused by light bouncing back from the sensor.
  • Fluorine coating on lens surfaces to prevent dirt sticking to lens elements.
  • Four-stop Image Stabilizer for handheld shooting at slower shutter speeds; supports the use of the built-in extender.
  • IS Mode 3 suited to sports and action photography.
  • Ring-type USM with high-speed CPU for silent, high-speed AF.
  • 9-blade circular aperture for beautiful out of focus highlights (bokeh).
  • Full-time manual focusing.
  • 2.0m minimum focusing distance throughout zoom range.
  • Power Focus mode to increase versatiiity during movie shooting.
  • Durable and rugged lens construction, with magnesium alloy to reduce weight.
  • Highly resistant to dust and water for use in harsh conditions.
  • Security lock socket on tripod collar for wire-type security lock.

As always, feel free to call the store at 1-800-748-8200 for availability and more details on this lens.

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