New ZEISS Batis Super Wide-Angle Lens with Autofocus


Zeiss glass is well known for its innovative design, pure sharpness, and reliable build. With many photographers adapting to lightweight, mirrorless setups, Zeiss has developed a key role in maintaining professional quality for brands like Sony.

The most recent development from the ZEISS-Sony partnership is the widest addition to the ZEISS Batis family: The ZEISS Batis 18mm f/2.8 with autofocus capabilities. While ZEISS lenses are frequently designed around a solely manual platform, they do not lack in speed when AF is incorporated. The AF is also said to be very quiet, which is essential for those who use Sony Alpha cameras for their 4K recording.

usp_innovative_OLED_display New OLED focus distance display

If you wish to focus your 18mm Batis manually, a new OLED screen has been designed to accurately display focus distance and allow confident focusing in low-light environments.

And that's just the beginning of its perks; this lens is compact despite its wide reach, and robustly constructed from metal. The Batis line has been designed with a dustproof and weatherproof seal so the lenses can go anywhere your Alpha cameras go. The smooth rubber focus ring is a new feature, and may take a moment of familiarizing, but allows for a smooth, slip-resistant grip.

The powerful sensors in Sony's mirrorless systems demands the highest quality glass to avoid revealing any imperfections in images. Despite the compact design of the Batis 18mm lens, the image quality meets the expectations of professional photographers.

Batis 28 18 Product sample 2016.01.28 04 Zeiss Batis 18mm lens mounted to the Sony A7II
April 2016

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