On Set with the Profoto B10X Flash

Profoto recently announced the latest version of the B10 series light, the B10X. Akin to other Profoto lighting gear, the B10X encompasses easy-to-use interface and ergonomics. With the size and shape the same as a 24-70mm lens, it's a huge advantage to photographers looking to shoot on location.

Improved Flash Duration and Modeling Light

In addition to its small package, the Profoto B10X is multifunctional and suits the needs of both videographers and photographers with its strobe and modeling light capabilities. Now, the B10X comes with a 30% brighter continuous light as well as a 35% faster flash duration. The continuous light is bi-color with a range of 3000-6500K for custom white balance control.

Profoto B10X on location

The design of the B10X and B10X Plus places the flash tube behind a diffused glass panel further softening the light and improving image quality.


As mentioned above, the ease-of-use functionality is also improved with new graphics, providing a clean and minimalistic design. Its easy setup allows flexibility to be attached to either light stands or tripods. Not to mention, it's compatible with more than 120 Profoto light shaping tools and modifiers. Whether using a beauty dish or softbox the light pairs perfectly and the use of a 3rd party mount adapter expands the list of potential modifiers even further.

Power Output

In terms of power and wattage, it is comparable to the flash power of 5 speedlights. The B10X is capable of 250Ws, but if you need the extra light output, the B10X Plus is capable of 500Ws. When paired with a Profoto Air remote, making adjustments is easier than ever and can be adjusted right on camera. For photographers who need high speed sync, the communication between trigger and flash is seamless. The option for full manual mode is also possible from the dials on the back of the light or from the transmitter on camera.

Photographer, Chelsee Hanna, using profoto air remote with B10X

The Profoto B10X is also compatible with the Profoto A series of flashes, making multiple light setups a breeze. For those who already own previous B10's, the B10X's come with the same battery pack, providing a seamless transition. Something worth mentioning is the new AirX technology included with Bluetooth and smart connectivity using the Profoto app. When performing a firmware update, the Profoto app makes it smooth and easy.

First Impressions

Whether shooting portrait or studio photography, the Profoto B10X is the perfect lighting companion. We took the B10X along with fellow fashion photographer, Chelsee Hanna, to test it out for ourselves. As a profoto user, Chelsee took us out on location shooting portraits, as well as in studio to test out the studio lighting and modeling light. Check out her first impressions below:

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