Pictureline's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Having trouble wrapping up that holiday shopping? Check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for some suggested stocking stuffers and gifts for the photographers on your list.

The Traveler

A photographer on a mountain taking a photo with camera and tripod


For the traveling photographer in your life, the perfect way to show you care is to help keep their camera equipment safe, secure and protected from the elements with a padded bag, backpack or tote. There are dozens of brands and endless options for sizes and shapes, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits their needs. Make sure you select a bag that not only suits their style but one that is also rugged enough to withstand sketchy shooting conditions. The bag you purchase should be big enough to carry all the gear they usually use, but not so large as to be a burden while on-the-go.


Make sure they never miss a shot with a camera strap, which will keep their camera instantly accessible. Sometimes your adventuring photographer might need both hands free, and a strap is a perfect accessory to keep their camera at the ready. Choose one with a secure tethering system that’s also comfortable to wear and adaptable to different shooting circumstances.


Depending on where their travels take them, you may want to get a tripod for the photographer on your list. Helpful with slower shutter speeds or keeping the camera stable when using a longer lens, tripods come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some travel-sized tripods even feature flexible legs for wrapping around outdoor objects, like tree branches, so the shot stays stable. Make sure you know how and when your photographer will want to use a tripod so you can purchase the perfect one.

The Trendsetter

fujifilm sq6 camera with print of trees and woman

Smartphone Stands

Got a vlogger on your list? Or an aspiring YouTube star? Make sure they never miss a moment to share their story with accessories intended to support their smartphone. Tiny tripods designed to fit most models of smartphones (even with cases on) are widely available and make a perfect present for anyone who shoots a lot of video while on-the-go. Additional adapters are also available to support mobile content creation.

Instant Cameras

For the photographer who’s the life of the party, instant cameras make a great gift. Small, simple and easy-to-use, these film-based cameras also act as printers, so that images can easily be shared in any situation. Pick up a couple of extra boxes of film, and the photographer on your list can start shooting right away.

The Ace

girl with freind holding canon camera with 50mm lens

Nifty Fifties

Maybe there’s a photographer on your list who’s been shooting for a while and seems to have everything. But any photographer, no matter their level of experience, always loves a new lens. Most closely approximating what you see through the human eye, a “nifty fifty,” or a 50mm lens makes a great gift. They are affordable and easy to use and generate bright, sharp images.


And what’s more fun than a filter? Different filters allow photographers to achieve a variety of results in their photos. From toning down highlights and cutting glare to balancing the exposure between elements in an image, filters are inexpensive and easy to experiment with. UV filters are also great for protecting the front element of the lens. Make sure you know what lens your photographer has so you know what size to get!

The Photographer Who Has Everything

Photography gear all laid out on the floor

Memory Cards

Any photographer will tell you that there’s no such thing as too many memory cards. You’ll please even the pickiest photographer on your list with some of these storage cards in a variety of sizes—anything bigger than 16GB is most useful. Go the extra mile and select a case to keep them organized and protected.

Gift Cards

And if you just can’t seem to please the photographer on your list, or you’re not sure what you’re shopping for, a gift card in any amount will always be appreciated. For more gift ideas, check out our gift collection on our website! 

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