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Studio lighting IS for everybody! Rogue products have seen to that. High impact flash modifiers for under $100 assemble into the ideal studio kits for both professional photographers and students.

Rogue products are designed around portability, so they can easily pack into a bag with your flashes or stands and be on location with you without much additional effort. Many professional portraits are created with one or two strobes, and bulky modifiers. All Rogue products are designed to mold comfortably onto any Nikon, Canon, or similiarly sized Speedlite.

Perhaps the most appealing factor Rogue provides is the low price tags on their modifiers (and ultimately, your whole studio setup!). Diffuse or direct light, and fill your frames with color with products that bundle to less than $200.

Professional portrait photographer, Frank Doorhof, demonstrates the use of Rogue Gels in this studio instruction clip:

We put Rogue products to the test in our studio to see what their Grid Kit with gels, and Flashbender are all about! Neither of these shots were created with a traditional studio backdrop - just two simple Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite flashes against a white wall.

2D8B0073 copy We positioned the flash with the gel and grid behind her to fill the background with color.

2D8B0078 copy The grid focused the speedlite with a gel into a spotlight on her hair, while the main speedlite was manipulated with a Flashbender, to shape the light on her face.


A whole studio setup with light modifiers can be afforded under $1000! We rent these products as well, for those in search of a temporary studio setup!

November 2015

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