Introducing: Flex LED Water-resistant mats!

WestcottFlexLighting Westcott just released newly developed Flex lights - pliable, dimmable, & water-resistant LED mats! Flex lights are fully dimmable LED panels with a massive power output; they are available in daylight, tungsten, and adjustable bi-colored Kelvin options (5600K, 3200K, and 2800-6000K, respectively). The best part? These mats are capable of offering 360 degrees of high-power continuous lighting in products that weigh less than one pound!

flex-led-westcott-1Although extremely compact in size, their output is anything but small. The surface area is strategically lined with high-quality LEDs, offering between 1,700 to 10,500 lux at 1 meter, depending on mat size. View the entire Flex lineup HERE!

Flex mats boast remarkably high color purity as well, producing an outstanding quality of light. With Color Rendering Index (CRI) ratings of 95 and 98, these lights portray accurate shades and skin tones for faster post-production editing.

Each Flex Set comes with a Scrim Jim frame, because while handheld light panels are revolutionary, traditional lighting setups are still necessary when you have your hands full. These frames are adaptable to any light stand. If you prefer a two-light kit; stands, soft boxes, and a water sealed, heavy-duty travel cases are part of the package!

flex-led-westcott-4 flex-led-westcott-3

November 2015

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