Profoto Announces The B1 Air Remote TTL for Nikon Shooters

The moment Nikon shooters have been patiently waiting for is finally here; Profoto Air Remote TTL-N, giving Nikon photographer’s full TTL operations with the B1 Off-Camera Flash.


The most exciting feature of the B1 is its TTL metering, which has only been available for Canon shooters since its release back in November.  Since the launch, the B1 has been called "A Game Changer" and "The most unique and innovative new lighting product of our time."  As of September 15, 2014, Nikon shooters will have TTL metering as well.

No changes have been made to the B1; it requires no upgrades or new versions for the system!  Simply attach the Air Remote TTL-N to the hot shoe of a Nikon camera, enabling the TTL operation and shoot; the B1 will automatically adjust its light output to provide you with the perfect exposure!  The Air Remote TTL-N can also be used to manually, just remote control and sync the B1 or any other Profoto flash with Air built-in.  Powered by an exchangeable, high-capacity battery integrated with flash, the B1 combines with the Air Remote TTL to create an experience of freedom that comes when shooting without cords and wires.

Ten times as powerful as the average speedlight, the B1 allows you to overpower the sun on even the brightest day.  With access to over 120 Light Shaping Tools, you have the ability to create any lighted scene you can imagine, from soft and beautiful to sharp and contrasted.  At lower power settings, the B1 can blast up to twenty flashes per second which equals short flash duration, providing a shorter duration than any other speedlight set to the same output.

One of the great aspects about Profoto products are that they are created to make things easy, and now with the B1 they have yet again made shooting on location simpler for Nikon shooters.  Profoto strives to make lighting fun and stress-free in hopes of creating products that inspire photographers to be creative with their lighting.

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Profoto Announces The B1 Air Remote TTL for Nikon Shooters

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