Introducing Syrp Magic Carpet

The Syrp Genie, a clever little device that was funded on Kickstarter back in 2012, has made motion control and image capture for film and time lapse photography insanely simple. Attach your camera to the top of the Genie, plug it in, and program the movement to fit your needs. I told you it was simple.

With Syrps newest product, the Magic Carpet, which is ‘Genie-friendly’, you can create a buttery smooth tracking for your footage. The Magic Carpet, as well as the Genie, is one of those products that you may not need in your specific profession as a photographer/videographer, but once you see what together they can create, you’ll justify needing it for your equipment bag. It’s that cool!


The Magic Carpet comes manual and motion control ready, with options to attach your camera straight to the Magic Carpet Carriage, onto a ball-head, or a larger fluid video head for larger cameras. To use the Genie for smooth time-lapse or panning video, attach the Genie to the Carriage with your camera to top it off and you’ve instantly added tracking shots to your scene.

Available in two sizes, the Magic Carpet provides different options for length, with 2.6 feet or 5.2 feet sizes as well as various tripod-mounting options to secure the device for stability and ease-of-use. With the pulley-lever system that allows you to use counterweights for vertical shots, it makes those hard to get shots by hand much easier to achieve.

The best part about the Magic Carpet is that you don’t need a dedicated slider for your time-lapse video work, and your tracking video shots; you have everything you need in one slider that is easily transportable, adjustable and simple to use. What more could you need?

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Introducing Syrp Magic Carpet

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