Profoto Clic Line Expanded — New Modifiers Announced

In July of last year, Profoto announced the A2 monolight, a powerful and travel-friendly flash the size of a soda can. Complimentary to its compact size was an array of light-shaping tools known as the Clic system. With features such as a magnetic mount and compact design, the Clic system was a perfect option for on-location photographers. 

The first of the series consisted of the Clic Softbox Octa (2’), Clic Snoot, Clic Barndoors and gels kits. It was only a matter of time before they expanded to the Clic ecosystem. As anticipated, Profoto announced two new Clic softboxes—the 2.3’ (70cm) Octa and 2.7’ (80cm) Octa—along with matching soft grids and the Clic Magnum.

profoto clic 2.7 softbox

What do these new modifiers add to the present system?

The Clic range has been Profoto’s most compact system and with these new additions, it’s a perfect match for the wedding and portrait photographer.

These larger softbox options bring even more possibilities for soft light. In contrast, if you are looking for something with a harder edge, the Clic Magnum Reflector can be used to concentrate and produce a more directional source. 

profoto clic magnum

To make sure these products live up to the hype, we took them for a test drive. Check out our review video below. 

 This release already has us wanting more. We are over the moon with the reliability and functionality of Profoto gear and the Clic ecosystem continues to take a high-quality flash to the next level.

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