Sharing Holiday Memories with Eyefi

Photographs are an important part of everyone’s holiday festivities when your family gathers together to celebrate the season.  The camera is bound to be pulled out of its bag - usually by Mom - and you're grouped into a giant bear-hug to capture that special moment - sometimes only for Mom's sake. Whether you're in the photo, taking the photo or simply buying or receiving a camera as a gift, photography is a huge aspect of the holiday season!  With Eyefi Mobi, you can enhance your experience no matter which of these categories you fall into.

Eyefi Mobi is a Class 10 SDHC card with built-in WiFi that pairs your camera to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac so you can transfer photos and videos as you take them. Mobi allows you to add WiFi to the camera you already own and love, or the camera that you received as a gift which might be lacking built-in WiFi, or it can be a great accessory to give your friend/family member who owns a DSLR and would like to upgrade the features available to them.

Mobi Specs

Eyefi Mobi is one of the simplest Wi-Fi products on the market, and the only product that gives you the ability to sync your photos across devices beginning at the moment of capture. Every card comes with a 10-digit activation code that is unique to your Eyefi card. The app is available in the Android/iOS app store and for your PC/MAC at Enter your 10-digit code into the app and watch the photos you take transfer to your device seconds after they are captured.

Eyefi Cloud Workflow

Eyefi Mobi comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes and comes with 90-days of free Eyefi Cloud service so that you can add the power of photo syncing and enjoy the benefits of a unified photo library. Eyefi Cloud syncs your photos and makes every picture you take instantly available to enjoy and share from any web-enabled device. Take photos with your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, smartphone, or tablet and enjoy all those photos in a single, organized and unified library anytime, anywhere.

Eyefi Cloud allows you to share albums or individual photos with friends and family, privately, via email. Mom, Dad, friends and extended family will receive an email with a preview of photos and a link to view them in full resolution, with the ability to download to their device/desktop. There will be no waiting until March to share holiday photos with friends and family!

Share_1 Album in Eyefi Cloud

Share_2 Share with Eyefi Cloud

Share_3 Sent email with shared Eyefi albums

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