Stay Out of the Dark with the New Aputure LS 300x

Aputure fans rejoice! A new bi-color version of the LS 300D is now available. The LS 300x is the newest flagship product in Aputure’s popular Light Storm series and is one of the brightest chip-on-board LED lights on the market. It’s also the first bi-color Bowens mount light fixture that is compatible with optical lens modifiers. Just as bright as the original 300D, it can produce up to 56,000 lux at one meter when paired with the Fresnel 2X, making it one of the brightest single-point LED sources currently available.

The LS 300x features a proprietary color-blending optical element in front of the LED light source, which combines the bi-color chipset into one cohesive point-source. The 300x goes beyond traditional bi-color ranges, utilizing an expanded vari-white CCT range of 2700K to 6500K, which allows you to achieve absolutely accurate color reproduction with CRI and TLCI scores of over 96.

Aputure 300X

A sleek, streamlined design, and a silent, passively cooled control box, make this light easy to use on any set, and built-in effects generate even more possibilities for creative lighting applications. The 300x also incorporates two different output modes: Max Output, which will always maximize your output based on the CCT and dimming level or Constant Output which will maintain consistent luminance while you change your color temperature.

Aputure 300X

Compatibility with the Bowens-S Mount offers endless options in light diffusion and shaping, and mesh network app control makes the 300x an incredibly powerful and versatile light to add to your arsenal of lighting tools.

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