Updated 2-Axis Control With New Genie Firmware

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Syrp Genie - Firmware upgrade

A new firmware upgrade is now available for the Syrp Genie. We always recommend installing the latest firmware even if you're not experiencing any issues. Feedback is valued and goes a long way in refining the firmware for future upgrades and fixes. If you find any problems with this release (2.6.4) please report it to syrp@syrp.co.nz.


  • Fixed issues with Bounce Back
  • Fixed connection issues for 2-axis control between Genie and Genie Mini
  • Fixed settings corruption issues present in 2.6.2
  • Fixed issue with long movement settings in timelapse mode moving incorrect distances

[wpi_designer_button text='Download Genie Firmware 2.6.4' link='http://syrp.cmail20.com/t/t-l-dyltdit-jkzhrtrd-p/' style_id='23884' icon='no' target='_blank']

*Please note that the download is a .zip file. You must unzip the file to reveal the firmware (.bin). Please follow the included instructions for installation.

Installation notes:

  • Do not use hard drives or other external USB devices to load the firmware.
  • Some USB keys draw too much power to correctly function, it may be required to try multiple USB keys.
  • Do not load the .zip file onto the USB key. You must unzip the folder and load only the .bin file onto a blank USB key.
  • USB 3.0 Keys, or any key over 16GB will not work.
  • The USB flash drive must be formatted to FAT32.
  • If the red indicator light around the OK button stays solid red or is continuously flashing, then the firmware has not correctly installed. Power off the device and try again. Consider trying a different USB drive.
  • Updating the firmware on your Genie will also reset the Genie to factory defaults. This means it will delete all of your saved presets, so if you wish to keep them, please note them down before updating.

Known Bugs:   

  • USB Control of cameras is disabled due to instability.
  • Users can set invalid date eg 31st Feb.
February 2016

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