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What is the Shotbox?

The Shotbox is a Collapsible Tabletop Photo Light Studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit "micro-studio" environment to get great images with any camera, including smart devices. This is the portable, inexpensive solution to small-scale studio lighting. It is designed to be the ideal tool for blogging, digitizing prints and documents, product photography, well-lit macro photography, and more!

The Shotbox Deluxe Bundle includes a tote bag, four backdrops - white, black, green and blue, and the SideShot - an attachable arm with two 12" built-in LED strips to provide key lighting to take superb pictures of 3D objects.  Height, angle, and distance of the SideShot are easily adjustable and the platform is built for smart phones, smart cameras and tablets.

The unique hourglass shape of the Shotbox serves many purposes. The angles within the box deflect light beams to bounce around the box and create softer lighting on the subject. It also assists in the collapsible nature, strength, and stability of the Shotbox. The LED lights do not get hot, are rated at 50,000 hours, and are protected under a 1-year warranty.

The right and left LED strips within the box can be dimmed simultaneously, or individually, to shape the light around each product. Add a third key light with the SideShot extension to eliminate shadows.

21650914322_f734c6f6e4_b tabletop tripods for your smartphone or dslr pair perfectly with this product.

Creating Shots that Sell

_x001A_Tabletop tripods for your smartphone or DSLR pair perfectly with the Shotbox to ensure steady and consistent shots. The Mefoto Daytrip tripods are adaptable, sturdy, and are available in 12 colors!

The LED lights inside the Shotbox have a cool color temperature. In order to keep your products from casting a cool hue,  manually set your camera's white balance to 9500 Kelvin.

Default smart phone cameras often do not properly adjust shutter speed to the dimmed LED light frequency. There are inexpensive camera apps that offer manual settings so that you can avoid unwanted flickering, or light bands in your images:

  • "Camera+" is only available on the iPhone. Simply drag your finger across the bottom of the screen right to left to change light settings, such as white balance, macro, focus points, etc.  This is a wonderful app with over 10 million downloads.
  • "A Better Camera" operates on Android OS, and has great manual features like "Camera+."

The Shotbox features an opening for smartphones and DSLRs for more dynamic shots, and to take photos of documents. This unique placement allows you to mimic scanning by quickly digitizing hard copies of prints. If you plan on shooting prints with your smartphone, the "TurboScan" app will automatically crop your photo when you send it to your email, and offers color adjustment settings. This app is available for iPhone or Android OS.

February 2016

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