Wacom Intuos Pro - Worth the Upgrade?

Today let's talk about Wacom's Intuos line of drawing/illustration tablets. Some of you may have looked into Wacom's newest Intuos release - the Intuos Pro. Did you catch yourself wondering whether it was worth the upgrade from, say, your Intuos 4? Keep reading to find out some compelling reasons why the Intuos Pro is a smart buy for professional and amateurs artists alike.

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (Medium)

"The Intuos Pro is a worthy successor to the Intuos line, and the best price/performance model in the entire Wacom lineup." - Tin Salamunic (article)

  • A big upgrade from the previous tablets in the Intuos line, is that the Intuos Pro has Bluetooth connectivity, which can be a big game-changer for artists, who often work in crowded workspaces. Enabling the bluetooth, and unplugging one more cord from a fairly cluttered desk is a big turn-on for a lot of users. Not to mention, if you're on-the-go this feature can be invaluable.
  • The Intuos Pro design, was really well thought out. Every part of the Intuos Pro is enveloped by a smooth, matte material that allows the tablet to remain clean through rigorous working session. No more greasy fingerprints, or dirt showing up around the edges of your tablet. 
  • The pen is overall much more functional and a big step up compared to the other Intuos products. It is significantly lighter, and users have praised Wacom for improving this feature because when you're putting so much strain on your wrists and fingers throughout the day, every ounce of weight matters. Another great feature is the pressure-sensitive pen tip, that is designed to recognize 2048 levels of pressure and detect tilt up to 60 degrees. The pen also has an eraser on top and a rocker click on the side that gives users the ability to click, right-click, or double-click. 

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen
  • The new tablet creates long, broad brush strokes that result in cleaner and crisper lines. This is an area that the Pro improves upon the previous model, although some users have reported they wish it was a bigger improvement. The resolution is a fairly big improvement, however, going from 2,540 lines per inch to the IntuosPro which boasts 5,080 lines per inch. 

Tin Salamunic's illustration Tin Salamunic's illustration

Overall, the Intuos Pro is a significant step up in the Intuos line. If you are looking to upgrade from an Intuos4, we would highly recommend the Pro. If, however, you are currently using the Intuos5 you may want to wait for the next Wacom release. In our opinion, the 5 and Pro are fairly similar when it comes right down to it. Honestly, it all comes down to your particular needs and use. Feel free to stop by our store or give us a call, we'd be happy to talk to you more about these amazing products!

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March 2019

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Hello ,

I’m a graphic designer. I want to buy a drawing tablet. I use to do things like logos and some posters, with photoshop and some illustrator. Now I want to begin doing another things such as illustrations (basic ones). I don’t know if it’s better to me to get a Wacom Intuos Pro M (pro M is to expensive for me) , or a XP-Pen Deco Pro https://www.xp-pen.com/product/432.html . What will be better? I use to work with a 15’ 1080 HD laptop conected to a 21" screen (but sometimes i use the screen laptop alone). Thanks!

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